Weekend Update

Ahoy squirts, looks like the smog has cleared out (relatively) and it’s safe to venture back into the wild of Beijing – rejoice by hitting up some live music before it’s too late. Or Hedorah, the smog monster will overtake us all!!!!!!!!!


Shanghainese art rockers Top Floor Circus are hitting up MOMA this weekend – it’s a bit cold to be running around in their undies, but expect their usual antics – check out this interview here with frontman Lo Wu; joining them are folk troupe Wu Tiao Ren from Guangdong – hopefully MOMA keeps up the liveliness. Might be time to check out the widely praised acid jazz funk troupe Acid Live who will be performing at Temple finally, as they bring folk rocker Lao Wu (of Buyi) into the mix – count me mighty intrigued at what this mashup could bring to the table. The beloved Perpetual Motion Machine, not taking anytime to rest are already prepping their latest album, and tonight they’ll be giving a special showcase of it at Blue Stream Bar, with Self Portrait supporting. For a straight shot of fun I’d bet on either the Hot Cat Club who’ll host cheerful pop rockers Candy Monster along with Rolling Bowling or to Mao Livehouse where Residence A, Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen, Jia Huizhen, Montocoffe, and Antya Zhang get together for some quality sugarcoated (perhaps a bit too much) highs. Electronic artist iimmune is looking to make a comeback on the scene, and if his latest material on his douban page is any indication, he might just have it – some seriously impressive stuff – check him out at XP if you’ll inclined to having your ears moved. Black metal from South American – sounds contagious – Infernal Curse will be joined by The Metaphor and Skeletal Augury at Mako Livehouse – bring your own eyeliner. Indie progressive rockers 16 mins will be performing at the Jianghu Bar, while at 69 Café Liu Yusi works his charm on the guitar and audience. Need a little expat flavor to your music – then head over to the Old What? Bar to see poet rockers Bu Yao! joined by newly formed The Whatevers. Lastly, check out the The Beijing Old Dixieland Band at Modernista or The Beijing Beatles get their Yellow Submarine on at VA Bar.


After becoming a viral sensation due to their hit “Bureau Chief Mr. Wolf”, which you can guess pissed off more than a few heads up top, Slap, the folk rock group who have been kicking up dirt for over ten years, is ready to take their bow and show the people they’re the real deal at Yugong Yishan. Jean Sebastian’s one man solo group, Djang San, a folktronica project with looping guitars, handmade drumbeats, keyboards, and even a ruan will be performing at the cozy Jianghu Bar check him strut his stuff. For a little dirty fun get over to School where Residence A, Miss Freak, and Thousand of Public will be surely getting scrappy. Stake punk pop kids Larry’s Pizza are in a celebratory mood and they have invited Saving Molly, Lifetest, and Gum Bleed over to Mao Livehouse to help them throw a party – nothing like a little youthful clean-cut rebellion. Need an excuse finally to go to Wudaoku – does emo punk interest you, how about new wave rock, perhaps a bit of folk – well Twinkle Star, Perpetual Motion Machine, and Summer Sunshine will be at 13 Club, and that’s not a bad way to get ones ass over there. 70s style country rock and new wave garage rock collide at the Hot Cat Club as Steely Heart and The Power Powder perform. At MOMA Huang Xibei and Carrchy will perform, adding a little pop bedazzle to the festival. If you’re into jazz, Zajia Lab is throwing a swell event as The Chase Jackson Quintet introduces us to five extremely talented musicians skilled in the art of acoustic jazz. Lastly, catch the Beijing Beatles at the ever-lively Temple, Irish troupe Blackwater at VA Bar, and Cao Qin and more at the Blue Stream Bar for some ballads.


Grunge night replaces metal night at Mao Livehouse this weekend as Drunkard, Crappy Tobacco, Speed Limit 80, and Mud & Lotus take stage for some filth-infused rock and roll. Feel the subtle pop flavor of Xia Dong and Wang Shengnana at Jianghu Bar and the folk love over at Blue Stream Bar with Zhou Wang and Flower. Finally, stop by 69 Café to see Jonathan Chatwin play sad songs for the silent – whatever the heck that means.


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