Weekend Update

After my sabbatical turned into a maelstrom last weekend, perhaps its time to take to the grasslands for Zhangbei InMusic Festival for one last tangle with nature. Perhaps. Well either way this weekend ain’t taking no prisoners, so who wants to down in a hail of fire with me? Any takers?


For those of you who don’t know Dos Kolegas is bringing the ne-two punch of Li Dong and Buyi this weekend – that’s Ningxia rock that’s hear to turn your back on. Nevertheless, Yugong Yishan has a more than intriguing lineup tonight – as The Amazing Insurance Salesmen are joined by post-punk group Me Too, indie rockers Arrows Made of Desire, and Linkoban from Denmark. The Junglemico Project has some new material to show off Temple – it’s about time you check out how to live record dub, drum n’ bass, and deep techno without using a laptop. For something eccentric, head to XP where you can check out schizo rockers Streets Who Kill Strange Animals, noise group Cloud Choir, and Violet Polyploid. If hip-hop is in your blood then don’t miss the opportunity to see a slew of hip-hop artists courtesy of CoreStrength over at Mao Livehouse. DIMEFest once again brings the metal heads out in Wudaoku at 13 Club, as The Psycho, Nerve Resistance, Ronnie’s Will and Sacrifice take the stage. For some hard rock get over to the Hot Cat Club to check out The Red Pirates and The Intrepid Adventurers or to the Blue Stream Bar for Pirate Pistol, Silt & Lotus, and Mi Zang. For something a little more pristine head over to Mako Livehouse to see Yang Meng (the lead singer of rock group Chunqiu) perform solo. For some blues grooving check out The Taste of Soul over at Jianghu Bar or Zhen Ren at Le Petit Gourmand – or if you like your blues a little more pubby get over to the Old What? Bar to see Australians Plan B.


Hey everyone the Tiger Translate Battle of the Bands that no one seems to have followed is in its finals – the four that are left are 4U, Kick Ass, Logic Control, and Diary of Precipitation – with guests Miserable Faith and last year’s winners Emitter (and text “I want tickets” to 135 2287 9900 for free tickets). I’m sure most of you will be at Dos Kolegas’s 2012 London Olympics Kick-Off party that’ll be bringing in The Beijing Beatles and Ricky Sixx to sing some of our favorites from the UK. VA Bar will also be celebrating the opening ceremonies, with 16 mins, Pacalolo, and the Red Pirates praying their respects. Eclectic musicians Smiling Knives release their new album “The Zen Kick” at Jianghu Bar with support from Ajinai, and Song Yuzhe. Quirky French-electro-rock duo We Are Not Invited we get the crowd going at Temple. “Fuck Art, Let’s Dance” seems to be the motto tonight at Mao Livehouse as they bring in The K, Early Bus, Christmas, and You Came Too for some fun. Hip-hoppers unite at Yugon Yishan to catch Section 6’s latest. For some drunken good ol rock n roll, head to the Hot Cat Club to check out Los Crashers and The Bedstars. And finally, check out blues group Zhen Ren at Modernista and Rolling Bowling in the afternoon at School’s Weekend Market.


XP’s continues their afternoon rock sessions – today Pork and Grinding Ear will be taking rock duties. Japanese pop star Natsume Himika will perform this afternoon as well at Mao Livehouse before the joint throws a free music party later that evening with 16 mins, Kick Ass, The Fake Action, All Unknown, and Going 2 Ohio. The Smiling Knives make a trip to Yugong Yishan as Shandong folk singer-songwriter Liu2 perfroms at Jianghu Bar. Finally, Plan B makes their way over to Temple as they continue to tour the city.

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