Weekend Update 18.03-20.03

\"-1\"Not the most jam-packed weekend, unless your a metal or punk kind of guy – then it’s friggin paradise. Nevertheless, if you look closely enough you’ll find something surely that fits your tastes and needs. It spring! So what the hell! Get out there!

Friday March 18th


Residence A, WHAI, Heike at Caravan

Local Moroccan eatery and venue, run by rock and roll patron Badr celebrates one year at the new digs with a three day music filled event – \’the ghost of dazeFeast\’ if you will. Evening one goes straight for the rock jugular with indie faves Residence A joining WHAI, violinist Heike, and more. Expect killer food deals and more shenanigans. 80 RMB


Demerit, Drunkard at Hot Cat Club

Fangjia haunt Hot Cat hosts some of hard rock fiercest veterans including street punks Demerit, preparing for their European tour and grunge scrappers Drunkard. FREE


Gum Bleed, Demerit, Discord, The Demonstrators at Mao Livehouse

The punk gig of the weekend featuring Gum Bleed and Demerit, two socially charged outfits about to embark on their most recent European tour (both are big hits aboard) and the return of one of the scenes unsung heroes, Discord. 100 RMB


Elix Dyotte (Canada), Fabian Tharin (Switzerland), Nicolas Michaux (Belgium), Babel (FR) at Yugong Yishan

The Francophane madness begins as this year’s edition of Mars en Folie looks to turn Yugong Yishan into a carnival of music and fun as four artist from various French-influenced regions of the world perform. Grab your tickets at the Alliances Francaises beforehand (or just show up with your thickest French accent). FREE


The Diders, Deuces Wild, The Demonstrators, Shochu Legion at School

If Friday night didn\’t hold enough punk for you there\’s always the unhinged Diders at School alongside journeymen Shochu Legion and out of towners Deuces Wild. 60 RMB


Ember Swift at DDC

Beijing based singer-songwriter Ember Swift bring her infectious blend of folk, jazz, funk, and reggae to DDC. 50 RMB


Large Magellanic at 13 Club

Electronic-enhanced britpop outfit Large Magellanic release their new EP tonight at Wudaoku’s lone savior for live music, 13 Club. 60 RMB


Zhenren at Jianghu Bar

Feel the old blues rock with American fingerpicking guitarist Peter Murchison, harmonica Xiao Song and English guitarist Richard Barnes. 60 RMB


Tsering at 69 Café

Tibetan singer Tsering swings through 69 Café to show audiences a modern take on traditional Tibetan folk music. 50 RMB


Wu & the Side Effects at Temple

The spirit of the blues is alive and well in the energetic, longtime favorites Wu & the Side Effects at home of debauchery Temple. FREE


Sardine is Back and the Wheel is Broken at Old What? Bar

Yes, the band with the longest name ever, a band full of mysteries, will converge upon the Old What? Bar for some late night experimental jamming and maybe even some sheet metal ruckus. How curious are ya. FREE

Saturday March 19th


Mademoiselle, Wu & the Side Effects, Little Punk, at Caravan

Night Two of Caravans one year bash features the upbeat stylings of gypsy jazz queens Mademoiselle, blues rock vets Wu & the Side Effects, indie folk duo Little Punk, and Plausillb Deabily. Expect a dance heavy night. 80 RMB


Residence A, WHAI, Electric Lady at School

Converse taps into some sure fire winners for their next curated gig at School featuring Residence A, WHAI, and hard prog rockers Electric Lady. Big sounds from big bands. FREE


Nine Treasures, The Uncrowned, Single Winged Angel, Mothman Massacre, Scarlet Horizon, Scar Constitution at Yugong Yishan

Get down and dirty with these pogo inducing heavy rockers looking to darken your soul and get that hair flailing. Some heavy hitters here, including pagan metal favorites Nine Treasures so pace yourself accordingly. 120 RMB


Never Before, Vine House at Temple

Sludge metal stoner blues renegades Never Before, fresh off the release of their full length album, return to Temple for some mayhem alongside Vine House. FREE


Bloody Woods, Evil Thorn, Spirit Trance, Cvinger, Black Prayer at Mao Livehouse

For some more melodic metal, I’d recommend checking out the Eastern Black Cult featuring neo folk outfit Bloody Woods as well as other black metal outfits including Spirit Trance and Evil Thorn. Best break out the eyeliner. 150 RMB


Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen at Jianghu Bar

Blues rock journeymen Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen who have been steadily turning into one of the town’s most consistent acts (with the fans to boot) give an intimate performance at Jianghu Bar. 100 RMB


Funky Trio at Hot Cat Club

Regarded as one of the finest drummers this side of the world, Funky brings his Beijing home crew for an evening of funk. FREE


Steve Mac & the Mac Daddies at DDC

Inspired by all things classic, local jazz/pop outfit, Stevie Mac & The Mac Daddies, bring their vintage approach to contemporary music for a hoedown at DDC. 50 RMB

Sunday March 20th


Nine Treasures, Bad Mamasan, Hell City at Caravan

Caravan gets dark for its last night of celebratory musical mayhem featuring pagan metal demigods Nine Treasures alongside old school favorites Bad Mamasan and Hell City. Word is sledgehammers might be in involved. 80 RMB


Virus Base, Ducky Star, Gears of War, Nower, Xuji at Mao Livehouse

Metal just can’t be stopped – and since Mao Livehouse is on its last legs – there’s gonna be a heck ton metal there. Tonight catch metal acts Nower, Virus Base, and more. 100 RMB


Both Willing at School

Currently in the midst of a 30+ city China Tour, genre-hopping artist Both Willing brings his ‘no two shows the same’ performance to School Bar. 50/60 RMB


Shi Yuji Jazz Trio at Jianghu Bar

Alt saxophone maverick Shi Yuji gathers up his crew for an evening of top notch jazz. 50 RMB

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