Weekend Update

Jumping on a plane in a few to my doom….that doesn’t mean you slacks should be slacking – get out there, enjoy what the weekend has in store…


Floating Tunes will be throwing shows all month at Mao Livehouse – mostly from bands that rarely get to strut their stuff in this fine city – a great opportunity to check out some fresh bands – tonight they bring Charrchy, one of China’s longest running indie pop duos. For a sure bet, get over to Dos Kolegas to catch The Amazing Insurance Salesmen and Residence A take names and kick ass. Some of the best expereimentalists in town will be converging at XP tonight – Li Zhenhui, Li Jianhng, and Wang Ziheng – trust men, you’ll be impressed. Australian Jamie Hutchings brings his folk-like solo work to the Hot Cat Club courtesy of This Town Touring. Owner of Jianghu Bar, Tian Xiao and his band Slap will be providing some fun tonight over at their hometurf. The punk party gets started early this weekend at the Old What? BarDiscord, Why Reason, Trash Cat, and Sochu Legend will be getting rowdy. Get your funk on with Mama Funker over at Temple. Canadian-born Hong Kong pop star Ellen Loo is looking to serenade fans with her beautiful voice tonight at Yugong Yishan. Indie poppers New Perfume and Big Fish will take the small stage at Blue Stream Bar. And lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to catch out Secret Backyard at Mako Livehouse – a hybrid of poetry, traditional Chinese music, and soulful singing.


I’ve mentioned it before – but the Banbian Punk Charity Concert at Dos Kolegas is too good to pass up (unless your not in the country) – memorabilia, food, exhibitions, and some of the purest punk in town courtesy of Rustic, Discord, Flyx, Misandao, The Catcher in the Rye, Gao Wei (of Underbaby), and A Boys – this is a history lesson you don’t want to miss. Guangxi reggae/ska group Mr. Turtle take the stage at Mao Livehouse – they’re fun as hell, and believe me, you’re be smiling like a chesire cat by the end. For some offbeat fun, get over to the Hot Cat Club, for Ningxia-infused ska with Miao, who play alongside Rory Zimmerman, and Syringe. For some hard rock, Temple’s the spot as they host The Red Pirates, along with warm mellow folkster Yusi. For something a little rougher around the edges, head to Wudaoku with Los Crasher, Yun Shi, Armor and Forest, and Piper Lee at 13 Club. For something that looks bonkers, Muted Rainbow and Vavabond will be using crop circles, yes crop circles, as their scores and inspirations to improv their music tonight – only at XP folks, always intriguing. Lastly, for you electronic music junkies DJ Shadow is in town at Yugong Yishan – after hearing countless fans complain last night outside his show here in Hong Kong, frankly, I’m not expecting much – well, other than beautiful honies over where. Sometimes that’s simply enough.


This seems like the perfect way to spend a late afternoon – Mr. Graceless, and fresh faces The Planets and Baby Formula at XP – now can I bring my own beach chair there. Mao Livehouse is starting to share the love with their free Sunday shows – tonight get a heaping of Early Bus, Locomotive Gentlemen, Why Reason, and CX Rock Band. Zajia Lab is conjuring up the unusual as a part of Sound Sculpture series with an improv act with vocalist Fenni, saxophonist Li Zenghui and electroist Wang Fan. Rap and hip-hop fans get over to Shuangjing’s Mako Livehouse as R.O.W host a whole slew of rap artists – could be a fun detour. Lastly, get your sitar fix over at the Old What? Bar as Rudar’s Sage plays tribute to Bob Dylan with, yes, his sitar.

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