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And like that it’s time to say goodbye to 2015 and reign in the new year. Finger crossed venues don’t drop like flies this year, and the scene manages to grow and stretch its arms further out in the next. Here’s your holiday schedule for all you cool cats out there.



Glow Curve, The Eat, Illness Sickness, Penicillin, Gryphin, School Girl Bye Bye at Yugong Yishan

Here’s an intriguing lineup and concept – Live Wild Music will collaborate with seven other music labels and music organizations, to introduce you to seven excellent indie bands and DJs. The music style will include rock,psychedelic, electronic, alternative and noise music featuring acts Penicillin, Illness Sickness (back from the grave!), Gryphin (from Guangzhou), Glow Curve, The Eat, and School Girl Bye Bye, a feisty up and coming group out of Nanjing. New tunes, new backstage dealings – your usual countdown to the New Year. 100/180 RMB


White +, Birdstriking, Gate to Otherside at DDC

Maybe Mars throws their annual New Year bash, and while they don’t have their flagship homebase anymore, they’re got more than enough clout to keep the party running on all cylinders. They’ve tapped two of the label’s latest signees, indie rock without the extra fat, The Eat, possibly my favorite new band of the year, and psychedelic indie wailers Gate to Otherside, alongside livetronica super trio White +, always a hoot. Expect a loud, sweaty, evening of solid bone crushing tunes and sunglasses (so many sunglasses). 60 RMB


Larry\’s Pizza, The Diders, Candy Monster, The Hotline, Pacalolo at School

Throw caution to the wind and wrap yourself up in the sweet sweet love of rock and roll as we roll into the New Year at School – bask in the debauchery as taking the stage are Larry\’s Pizza (the legendary Chinese skate-punks who have been rocking stages since 2006), The Diders (class act ha!), Candy Monster (doo-wop rockers who DO have something special planned that is sure to be life changing, at least for a certain couple members of the band), The Hotline (electro-rockers currently turning heads in the scene), and Pacalolo (female fronted alt-dance rock). The place to be if you’re looking to erase all memories of the previous year with a shit eating grin on your face. 80 RMB


Residence A at Mao Livehouse

It’s a lot to ride a New Year countdown on one band but if there’s any band with enough charisma it’s Residence A. Using the traditional Chinese art of shadow play, the band plans to give a night to remember, even going as far as to claim that a Guinness record will be broken. Carnival or not, Residence A’s dance-ready, feel good, up beat arena rock is not a bad way to leave 2015. 100/150 RMB


Click #15, Macando at Temple

It’s the Final Countdown —– and Temple is looking to light that fire under your ass one last time as instrumental math rock up and comers Macando join new funk glam rock outfir Click #15 for some nasty fun. FREE


Ma Di, Yong Dong Ye, Yao 13, Lost Train, Cui Yue Wen, Er Bai at Modernsky Lab

Proving just how out of touch with the folk pop scene I am – Modernsky Lab has gathered a host of folk acts that are huge hitters in the scene and part of the Sesame Leaf Collective (the evening doubles of their fourth anniversary). From the looks of it (i.e. price) this is gonna be a huge one off New Year bash so yeah. 280/480/680 RMB


Xiao Pu, Wonnya, Icy Whiskey, Ma Xiao, Coroline at Jianghu Bar

Chill, cozy Jianghu celebrates the new year with a two nighter full of folk, blues, and easy going rock and roll including this evening Maxiao, Icy Whiskey, Xiao Pu and more. 80 RMB





Hedgehog, Yang Fan, The Psyders, The Molds, The Twenties at Mao Livehouse

Well that’s’ a hell of a lineup to kick off the New Year. Hands down the show of the week. Cold Neo has put together a dream lineup featuring noise pop favorites Hedgehog, who will be joining the rarely seen proto surf punk outfit The Molds, alongside whimsy folk act Yang Fan (joining Hedgehog’s drummer), Shanghai surf rock veterans The Psyders, and one of 2015’s rising inide stars The Twenties. 100 RMB


Demerit, Ouch, The Demonstrators, Eat Truck at School

Punkzone.cn are looking to grasp the New Year by the balls and with a lineup like this they just might have it in them. Seminal punk outfits Demerit and Ouch continue their reemergence into the scene alongside The Demonstrators, and Eat Truck. Should be a rowdy ol’ good time. 60 RMB


Football Hooligans, Huangyuqin, Long Fusi, Jiang Shan, Xu Jun at Jianghu Bar

Chill, cozy Jianghu celebrates the new year with a two nighter full of folk, blues, and easy going rock and roll including this evening Huangyuqin, Long Fusi, and Football Hooligans. 80 RMB


Li Jianbin at Mako Livehouse

Folk sing-songwriter from Lanzhou releases his debut ‘Yichen Half Dream’ on the first day of the new year. 80 RMB





Long Shen Dao at Yugong Yishan

Formed in 2007, and now with a contract with the label Modern Sky, the very first Chinese reggae band in the truest sense, Long Shen Dao (LSD, meaning Tao of Dragon God in Chinese) is releasing their latest album. Having performed with The Wailers as well participating in numerous international music festivals such as Glastonbury the band has drawn wide attention from global musicians and fans. Check them out alongside a host of special guests for a fun filled evening. 120 RMB


School Girls Bye Bye, Motorbike Girls, Electric Lady at School

Nanjing scrappers play the small stage alongside Beijing’s own Motorbike Girls and Electric Lady for a evening of rock and roll with one thing in common —- females in their band names. Mind blown. 40 RMB (of course free for ladies!!)


Mr. Honey, Dream Garden, Next Door Band, Poshangcun, 4U at Mao Livehouse

Power pop, indie pop, folk pop, big band pop —- how many flavors of pop can you handle boys and girls cause Mao Livehouse don’t have time for folks with weak stomachs. So break out the Mentos, throw on some pink, and jam out to the sugar coated, mother approved rock and roll featuring Mr. Honey, Poshangcun, Dream Garden and more. 100 RMB


Carrchy at Modernsky Lab

Comeback performance for indietronica pop duo Carrchy bring their warm digital sound to Modernsky Lab to what I’m guessing will be ordes of longtime fans. 80 RMB

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