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Feel like I’m cramming before a test here —- got one more week in breezy Beijing before it’s off to the races and another sabbatical with the brohemian popsody (my father/brother). So lotta videos, reviews, yada yada yada to get in before LBM gets passed over to some very interesting characters for the next month. But till then, it’s time to bask in them music – up up and away. And as always jump over to the newly updated calendar for more.


Friday June 6th

Of course if you have no other choice then get your asses over to School and help us celebrate with debauchery, flaccid wieners, the most hyperactive broken English this side of Beijing, and Kevin Bacon…don\’t even ask about that last one – lets just say we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve. Lineup of course includes The Big Wave, The Diders in one of their last shows, Heat Mark whom I\’ve yet to see and yes Cat AIDS, a new duo who are already claiming to be unstoppable. And Kevin Bacon, of course. The brains and brawns behind Gulou\’s 69 Cafe and Rockland return with this years\’s Mushroom Festival at Yugong Yishan, a two-night ragger that\’s packed with some the scenes most innovative and unique bands – night one brings Hangzhou indie folk rockers Tree as well as folksy freak rock outfit The Harridans, who were described as ‘sax funky good times’, ex-Joyside Bian Yuan\’s folk collective Lone, psychedelic outfit Chui Wan,  Liu Yusi, and Fusha. Rock and roll continues forth at Dos Kolegas with this summer lineup – emo rockers Tookoo and Seven Light Years joining old school kids Los Crasher and Era RebelsMao Livehouse takes it down a notch this weekend with a folk-filled showcase including Zhang Qianqian, Wang Shengman, Bo Ning, and more. Manic-depresivve rockers out of the UK, Mary See The Future swing by Mako Livehouse while alternative rockers OOC hit up Blue Stream Bar and Hot Line and MoreDisco get some at the Hot Cat Club. Finally, catch The Paramecia at 69 Cafe and old timey blues outfit Zhanren at Jianghu Bar.

 Saturday June 7th


Talent that doesn\’t hit the big stage quite enough these days.Night two at the Mushroom Festival  at Yugong Yishan is really perking my interest as Xi\’an indie rockers The Fuzz, whose 2013 release still gets heavy playtime on my iTouch, joins some seasoned favorites including the uproarious SUBS, ethereal fuzz rock duo Alpine Decline,  the not-so-post-rock-but-that\’s-a-good-thing Glow Curve, pretty-faced indie boys Mr. Graceless and V-Day out of Nanjing. Fight fire with fire I suppose – not content to let Yugong have all the fun, Mao Livehouse has prepared quite the lineup as well, which brings the ever charismatic WHAI out of the woodwork, along with the always dependable Residence A, The Big Wave, and post rockers Sparrow and Grinding Ear. Remember that scene from Mulholland Drive? The Club Silencio one? That\’s the same vibe I get from Tom Crusie & Katie Holmes (yes, that might be the greatest band name ever) the shoegaze noise rock duo from Xiao Zhong and Cee Q, two prolific names outta Shanghai – it\’s off kilter, maddening sad, haunting and utterly captivating – it sticks with you. The duo are hitting up XP to promote their 7\’\’ vinyl from Genjing Records. Supporting on post punks Streets Kill Strange Animals, who impressed the hell out of me last year and Me Too, a band who completely fell off the radar sometime ago but I\’m dying to catch again. You want sweat? Failing bodies? Mosh-pits with no end? Well then this is the show for you —- if long-standing rap core outfit CMCB can get this kinda reception at MIDI then you count on School tunring into a madhouse. It doesn’t hurt you have two supporting bands who know a thing or two about tearing up a storm – the deconstructionist hardcore horde Dr. Liu and the new wave grungy rockers Steely Heart – two performers who leave nothing on the table. So if you’ve looking to pogo your way into the night, then take this lesson in bad education. If standing around isn\’t your idea of a swell Saturday evening then I\’d recommend checking out the cozy Blue Stream Bar just west of the Drum Tower where, Horse Radio (formerly called Taan Towch) bring their genuine respect and musicianship to the Mongolian music genre – they\’re joined by alternative rockers Drink. Tuvan throat singing horde Alash swing by Mako Livehouse for an evening of world music, while rock outfit Black VA finally get around to debut their work in CD format at Temple. Finally , check out veteran blues rockers Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen at Jainghu Bar.

Sunday June 8th

Sax funky good times!! The Harridans continue to let the scene ablaze as they storm School along with garage rock duo Luv Plastik and Bedstars. The Goethe-Institut China invites you to a free indie rock concert to enjoy the German band Die Sterne at Yugong Yishan while over at Mao Livehouse Muppet, Scary Honey, Mod Military, and Ephemerality get down to business. Last, get some Greek in ya as The Hellenic Sino Band performs at Mako Livehouse.

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