Weekend Update (01/08-03/08)


Now we’re in the thick of it – the last month of summer is here and it’s time to pull out all the stops. Festivals, releases, and shows upon shows – enough to get your grandma up and at ‘em. Show let’s jump right into it kids – and as always hit up the calendar for more.


Friday August 1st

After turning the scene inside out for the past year, The Diders prepare to hit the international circuit for a quick stint in Japan where they will say farewell to their drummer, who’s jumping ship and heading for the Big Apple – say your goodbyes tonight at School where Shochu Legion, The Krane, and new punk outfit Zankou, fronted by ex-Joysider Akira. A batch of new artist test their luck over at XP, including post rock outfit She Never Sings Our Songs (SNSOS), punk kids Skin Bad, and cute folk pop singer Denise – good chance to see something different. Meanwhile at Mao Livehouse, emo rock stars Twinkle Star join Steely Heart, Parlement, and Sponge Bomb for some radio friendly tunes. Crosstalking satirist folk rock sensations Slap give a special performance at the newly minted DDC while another prominent folk star Zhang Yide performs at Yugong Yishan. Hit up the Old What? Bar for some grunge courtesy of Silt & Lotus, or Temple for The Groove Collective, or Dos Kolegas for Xinjiang flamenco from Keman. Lastly, check out Italian piano maestro Luigi Rubino at Mako Livehouse.

Saturday August 2nd

Punk’s safe haven DMC – in the boondocks of Beijing aka Tangzhou -celebrates the birthday of co-owner and lead singer of mohawk swinging punk anthem totting Demerit, Spike, and they’re prepared quite the party. Some of the scenes most vocal gut busting punks will pay tribute including Bedstars, Gum Bleed, Shochu Legion, and Free Sex Shop. If it’s anything like last year’s bash then we’re in for a treat – the perfect excuse in get out the succubus that is Gulou. Longboarders know how to party – and they’re claiming School this particular evening hosting sets from skate punks Life Test, ska outfit The K, and emo sensations Twinkle Star – I’m expecting an overwhelmingly positive crowd – and yes, shit tons of longboards. In case you’ve failed to notice, today is Chinese Valentines Day – if you need to escape the clutches of red roses hawkers, sajiao to the max, take your significant other to this solid eclectic lineup over down at Mao Livehouse including lush post rockers Sparrow, trance rock outfit WHAI, neo folk minstrels Bloody Woods, cute Britpop trio Elenore, 80s throwbacks Los Crasher, and up and comers One Shot – lotta different sounds for all those emotions running rampant. Along the same lines, albeit with a lot more kinkly mask ala Eyes Wide Shut, Yugong Yishan hosts another Valentine bash with new wave rockers Steely Heart, joining Twinkle Star, Cold Bowl, and Irreversible. Looks like quite a few bands are pulling double duty including Steely Heart who can be found later at Temple, and Lifetest who’ll join other pop punkers at XP including Negative Child and 0190. Finally, one can stop by 69 Café to see Britpop outfit V-Day perform or to Blue Steam Bar to catch folk outfit Liu Donghong & Sand.

Sunday August 3rd

Sunday – I try real hard to get my ass out there on this weekly day of reckoning. Real hard. And I’m gonna try to get to School again cause everything I’ve heard from Yang Fan – singer, producer, musical virtuoso – sounds phenomenal. In a genre that’s become as fun as watching paint dry – monotone slices of life that’s as entertaining as a shrug it’s exhilarating to find folk music with a screw loose; with a sense of wonder. Yang Fan might just be it – read up on Josh’s write-up. I’m on a new music kick folks – meaning if it can make a beat and I haven\’t seen it then I’m there. This late afternoon gig at the cozy 69 Café located on everyone’s’ favorite pedestrians street from hell, Nanluoguxiang, features two new acts that have been popping on lineups across town for the past few months, indie rockers Drink and Lonely Leary, and I think it’s about time to give them their due. Better yet, they’re backed by garage rock duo Luv Plastik, who are tons of fun seeing live and if I can just watch some wide-eyed tourist waltz into the joint and see two white dudes named Dan screaming into their mic, then I’ve got my moneys worth. Soak in the rays with this array of rock and roll at Mao Livehouse featuring Mr. Honey, Candy Ray, Speed of Light, Mizang, and SMud. Or head on down to Yugong Yishan where glorified student band (soon to be Berklee College of Music attendees) Chick Ann Project bring the good vibes.


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