Weekend Update 这周末 11/25-11/27


Well the last two weeks have been child’s play compared to what this week has brought with it. Snow, sub zero temperatures, and brisk winds that’ll turn your nose red – I think it’s safe to say winter has arrived. And no better remedy then to seek out refuge in one of these gigs this weekend – whether it be whiskey-soaked rock and roll out of Taiyuan, tender ethnic indie folk from the mountains of Sichuan, or the unholy matrimony of two of Beijing’s own – plenty of heat in the heart of the music scene. Here’s your weekend roundup!

Friday November 25th


Birdy Nam Nam (France), Sun Glitters (Luxembourg) at Yugong Yishan

Turntable geniuses Birdy Nam Nam return to Beijing with their shimmering new album Dance Or Die – a hyperactive dancehall heavy departure from their pervious work. Nevertheless, these cats are the real deal and have built quite the fanbase since their last stint in 2011. Expect ‘freely bold loops and samples, along with skillfully refined scratching and juggling’.


Meat Sucks, Quark, Sonnet at School

Three bands from three different cities get their moment to show Beijing what it’s missing – indie pop rockers Quark from Xi’an, whose catchy, nostalgic-filled EP earlier this year in still fresh in my mind; synth metal poppers Meat Sucks, who hail from Wuhan; and Shanghai disco punks Sonnet, whose song ‘Foreign Trash’ is all kinds of awesome. Another fine opportunity to hear what the kids are bopping their heads to elsewhere in China. 80 RMB


Cloud Choir, Lonely Leary, The Dice! at fRUITYSPACE

Experimental electronic/drone project Cloud Choir (formed of Richard Doran of Low Bow and Michael Cupoli of Noise Arcade) reunite one last time this year with a special fRUITYSPACE freakout that’ll also feature one of the hottest acts right now – post punks Lonely Leary – giving an acoustic performance alongside fRUITYSPACE house band The Dice! 50 RMB


INXU, Macondo, The White Papers, Silent Speech at DDC

Film rock, power chords galore, some post punk swagger, and cathartic indie rock – it’s all about atmosphere at DDC tonight and they’ve tapped into some of the scene’s newest trail blazers including the soundtrack wielding INXU and Macondo, as well as up and coming indie rockers The White Papers and Silent Speech. 60 RMB


Bloody Woods, Chajiyang at Mao Livehouse

Long-standing neo folk outfit Bloody Woods present their newest EP, Blood Elegy – an atmospheric robust piece of music that deals with themes of destruction and death in the context of Chinese history. Experimental, dense, and haunting, it’s a pretty compelling new direction for the band. They’ll be joined by Yunnan singer-songwriter Cha Jiyang. 100 RMB


The Twenties, The Hotline at Blessing Livehouse

Shuangjing heats up as independent music label D.O.G brings over two of the indie scene’s hottest performers of the year – the guitar melody grand slammers The Twenties, already one of my top picks of the year, and the electro rock outfit The Hotline. Solid excuse to venture south. 60 RMB


Hard Candy Revolution, Pacalolo, Techno Prisoners at Yue Space

Temple shuts down its doors this weekend due the big man upstairs but they’re moving the party elsewhere. It’s a rock n roll danceathon at Yue Space as three bands with affinity for getting your ass moving including bubbly kitsch electro rock duo Pacalolo and hard rock power drivers Hard Candy Revolution. FREE


By Dream, Rope, Soul Mate at Chen Livehouse

Newish livehouse in the south end of 798 invites music promoters Crazy Night to host a ahem, crazy night of music featuring rising indie post rock outfit By Dream alongside two other fresh faced rockers. 30 RMB


Melmann (Buenos Aires), Qu Qiufan at Meridian Space

Meridian Space welcomes two multifaceted sound artists and musicians: Nicolás Melmann, who hails from Buenos Ares, and Qu Qiufan. Both artists’ works are characterized by intertwined experimental/melodic compositions, soft vocals, electronic glitch beats, effects and the inclusion of a wide variety of musical instruments’ sound. 60 RMB


Gao Funk at Jianghu Bar

After a stint on this season’s Voice of China – Gao Fang of funk outfit G-Eleven gives a intimate performance at the cozy Jianghu Bar alongside friends. 80 RMB


Mister Deer at Tango

Indie pop trope Mister Deer, who have been rapidly rising through the ranks of indie pop stardom, present their debut at none other than Tango – a massive hit with online listeners expect a surprisingly packed night of warm hearted melodic tunes. 150 RMB


Red House, Mojo Hand at Hot Cat Club

Funk, soul, and, of course the blues over at Fangjia Hutong as Red House make their unofficial debut alongside the richly experienced Mojo Hand. FREE


Octopuss (Italy) at Mars Livehouse

Catch funk rock trio Octopuss – a European power trio of mind-blowing impact whose style, influenced by the sound of bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Red hot Chili Peppers, is one of a kind – at the new venue by the Communications University. 100 RMB


Shannon Leftbridge, Scott Walker at Mogu Space

Upbeat folk tunes ‘wrapped in delta blues, Americana, and rockabilly’ from regular singer-songwriters in Xizhimen. 30 RMB


The Groove Collective at Modernsita

‘Heading from all corners of the globe and channeling the city’s chaotic fortune, the Groove Collective mixes their distinctive sounds into a melting pot of disparate rhythms and fun-loving uproar.’ FREE


Saturday November 26th


Moxizishi at Yue Space

Beijing-based Yi (that’s southwestern Sichuan) musician Moxizishi, has been steadily making a name for himself these past few years, collaborating with Dou Wei, one of China’s scenes heavyweight veterans, as well as performing on The Voice of China and releasing his instant debut hit, Open Country. Utilizing the rhythm and vocal stylings of traditional Yi minority music and injecting it with an experimental even improvisational energy that allows the songs to organically find a poetic nirvana – well, it\’s clear that this is a show not to miss. 120 RMB 


Penicillin, Three Kings, The Hotline, The Twenties, Secret Club at School

D.O.G – the independent music label that can often be found in the confines of School Bar host a rock and roll filled evening of fun with a roster that includes britpopers Penicillin, The Twenties, and newly signed sax driven punk rockers Three Kings, making the trek from Taiyuan. Gonna get saucy! 80 RMB


Guiguisuisui, Round Eye, Gum Bleed at Caravan

You’re cordially invited to be present at the unholiest and most bad ass wedding of all time – as the duo behind the undead zombie punk band Guiguisuisui, Dann and Sue, tie the knot in spectacular fashion – with a rock and roll party like none other, featuring on the left side, the groomsmen aka punk stalwarts Gum Bleed and on the right side, the bridesmaids, Shanghai’s Round Eye, pepper as ever. Prepared to have your hearts melted away by the power of love and rock and roll. FREE


Soviet Pop, Zhu Wenbo, Doctor Xiin, Li Jianhong x Daniel Beban at fRUITYPSACE

New Zealand experimental music and art platform Pyramid Club hosts an evening of experimental musicians including Soviet Pop, the electroacoustic duo of Li Qing and Li Weisi, who haven’t been since in quite some time. Also on the bill are psycho active noise builder Doctor Xiin, Zoomin Night head honcho Zhu Wenbo and more. Prime real estate for giving those ears a workout. 40 RMB


Ephemerality, Hind Brain, Dressed To Kill, Thank Ray, Outspoken, OWAT, Devil Mask at Mao Livehouse

A swarm of metal bands take Mao Livehouse hostage as they throw a ‘metal cover show’ featuring covers of everyone’s favorite head banging bands of the nineties such as Korn, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, and Rammstein. Lord help us all. 80 RMB


Liu Donghong at Jianghu Bar

Bluesy folk rock singer-songwriter Liu Donghong a staple of the folk scene brings out his band mates for an intimate show at the hutong hotspot. 100 RMB


The Fastfood, Russian Roulette, Out of Focus, Heping North Road at Hot Cat Club

Hot Cat kicks things off early this Saturday with an afternoon showcase featuring the next generation of rockers ready to make their impact on the scene including fresh-faced punk ruffians Russian Roulette. 20 RMB


Better Off Alive, Horsefeather at Hot Cat Club

Folk rock with Irish influences and pure unadulterated rock and roll over on Fangjia Hutong this evening. FREE


Nanwu, Black Mint, Mister Deer at Yugong Yishan

If you’re curious to see what all the rage is with the recently graduated leaders of tomorrow look no further – the always deniable crosstalk rock outfit Nanwu look to send Yugong Yishan in a frenzy alongside indie rockers Black Mint and folk pop trope Mister Deer. 120 RMB


Hot Club of Beijing at DDC

Multi-national gypsy jazz ensemble bring their 1930s swinging jazz, hot latin rhythms, and gypsy waltzes to DDC so best bring your dancing shoes. 50 RMB


Time Street, Funky Monkey, 1090 at Mars Livehouse

Not content with simply one night of music this weekend the new livehouse located off the Batong line continues rocking it with a trio of bands with plenty of experience to their name inclkuding 8-bit emo outfit Time Street and ska infused punk band Funky Monkey. 50 RMB


Mirro, Odd Couple, DOMie, Young Clan, Krazy Family, Drop Science, DJ Quaver at E&A Livehouse

Looks like Gods intend to have all hell break loose at 206 Gulou Dong Dajie as the newest member to the venue hotspot E&A Livehouse (which mind you looks like a high school discotheque) breaks free and throws a hip hop party featuring all of the Dungeon Beijing collective. 70 RMB


404, The Temps, Hideout, Wang Yuqi at 13 Club

The National People’s Congress Philharmonic Society hosts students bands from the Remin University association. 30 RMB


The Rebel 5 at Modernista

‘Covering some of the greatest names of soul music, The Rebel 5 are one of Beijing\’s most unique groups that can get you moving on the dance floor.’ FREE


Tsering Norb at 69 Café

Tibetan singer-songwriter gives an intimate performance at the cozy acoustic heaven 69 Cafe. 50 RMB


Wang Wu at Snail Club

Northeastern Chinese singer-songwriters, Wang Wu, whose loose hair and vibrant voice made him one of the finalists on one of the country’s top rated American Idol clones, performs at the cozy hostel/cafe space. 60 RMB


Chu Yi-Bing Cello Ensemble at La Plantation 

Master cello musician and conductor – Chu Yi-Bing directs a six piece ensemble specializing in chamber music that’ll give their inspired interpretation of Wagner, Bizet, and more. 200 RMB

Sunday November 27th


Solaris, Icey Deep Well, Dan Taylor at School

Neo-psyechedlia, shoegaze, post rock – the five piece Beijing trope Solaris certainly has a sound hard to pin down – therein lies the appeal of their intricate and ambitious music. Well, the band has finally put the finishing touches on their debut Womb, and they\’re ready to release it upon School along with the help of psychedelic trio Icey Deep Well and Dan Taylor. 60 RMB


Low Wormwood at Tango

Lanzhou folk rock heroes Low Wormwood return to Beijing as apart of their nationwide tour – brooding and rich and full of a rugged cowboy spirit, this is band that knows how to put meaning in just about everything. Expect a packed house for these veterans. 120 RMB


Melmann (Buenos Ares), iimmune at fRUITYSPACE

The solo project of Buenos Ares sound artist Nicolas Melmann gets down and dirty in the basement with iimmune, the electronic soundscaper whose been bringing his A-game all year. 50 RMB


Noise Arcade, iii, ANXT, DJ Bass Ventura at Yue Space

Online art platform Loreli throw an afternoon market (or hippie bazaar as its known in some parts) over in Beixinqiao – grab photography, oil paintings, illustrations and other rare art designs from local artists, as well as other hear some far out electronic performances from some of the scene’s classiest characters. FREE


Wang Juan, Shi Xiaofei, Xia Dong at Yue Space

If an art market wasn’t enough to quench your thirst, then stick around Yue Space for a stellar female-led folk showcase featuring Wang Juan, Shi Xiaofei, and Xia Dong – all veterans of the folk scene – that’ll surely warm that cold bitter heart of yours. 80 RMB


Pulasuta (Japan), Formalhaut at ????????

‘Bloody Rocki’n Expolsion!’ – that’s the tagline for this Sunday evening meltdown over at Temple as Japanese rockers Pulasuta grace the stage for some mischievousness. FREE


Gussanova at DDC

An honorary tribal leader in South Africa, a staunch African music and wine lover, and above all a big name in the Chinese music industry – Gu Feng, also known as Gussanova hits the stage at DDC. Having traveled extensively in Africa, Gussanova has developed a deep passion for the continent even writing songs inspired by his experiences there. 80 RMB


Nower, Nameless, PAM, Sixth Ring, South Wall, Gun, Dreamcatcher at Modernsky Lab

The Communications University of China hosts an afternoon showcase featuring bands that have graduated or are still studying in the Beijing school including well known metal outfit Nower. 60 RMB


Xiao Pu at Modernsky Lab

Indie pop singer-songwriter Xiao Pu presents his latest material with a special performance at Modernsky Lab. 100 RMB


Xiao Xia at Mogu Space

Taiwanese female singer-songwriter joins others for Sunday evening performance at the Xizhimen space. 60 RMB


Carlo, Fofox, Nick Parsons at 69 Café

Enjoy the acoustics stylings and folklore from regular guitar handlers Carlo, Fofox, and Nick. 50 RMB

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