Weekend Update 这周末 03/10-03/12

Is it spring already? Thanks climate change! You’re the best! Not sure if I should cry or simply think back and enjoy the rapidly shifting weather patterns but either way there’s no excuse anymore to not trek out into the hutongs and streets of Beijing looking for that latest earworm to penetrate and overrun your neurons. From celebrating one of the city’s longest running record stores, to getting down with the underground sounds of Russia, there’s plenty of notes and chords to ingest this frighteningly warm weekend.



DJ Quaaver, Saber, N-Bomb, FrankiD, Shuang Bang Er, Jiao Jin at Yue Space

Indie Music Store – one of Beijing’s longest running record stores celebrates six years of slinging CDs, tapes, vinyl, and record players (it’s where I got mine) with a three-day extravaganza at Yue Space. Night one gets intimate with the hip hop and rap sounds from a variety of the city’s MCs and rappers including Saber, N-Bomb, Shuang Bang Er, and more. 150 RMB (w/drink)


The Fallacy at Modernsky Lab

Hard hitting post punk outfit The Fallacy, from Xi’an, hit up Beijing in support of their new album, Uneasiness. Expect throbbing rock and roll weaved with poetic lyrics from the likes of a mad doctor – full of philosophical thoughts about life and death. Dopeness. 80 RMB


The Flyx, The Rope Angle, The Demonstrators at Mars Club

So put this on your bucket list – get out to Batong Line and check out Mars Club already – cause these cats are starting to put together some seriously alluring lineups. Tonight goes all in on punk with a Mohawk-ready lineup featuring the always reliable The Flyx, the Rope Angel, and The Demonstrators. 60 RMB


Dry River, Sequoian Aequison at DDC

Moscow based instrumental post rock outfit Dry River bring their deep emotional soundscapes to DDC alongside post metal trope Sequoian Aequison – big sounds out of China’s big neighbor to the north. 120 RMB


Wu & the Side Effects, Royal as Purple at Temple

Unsung heroes of the blues rock scene, Wu and the Side Effects are set to release their second album this coming year but till they’re bringing their acid funk good times to Temple alongside electro pop outfit Royal as Purple. FREE


Pill Couple (RUS), Anoshkin (RUS) at Hot Cat Club

Get down to Hot Cat Club to bask in the sounds of the Russian Underground with dark wave synthpop outfit Phil Couple and surf rock post jazz’ trope Anoshkin – two bands with incredibly unique sounds that’ll have your ears perking in no time. FREE


Eluvia, Mr. Freeman at Jianghu Bar

Playing rock and roll, with country, reggae and modern Chinese folk elements, Eluvia brings together the best of Western and Chinese traditions. And following them after 10:30, the Belgian-Chinese blues rock outfit Mr. Freeman will play a free showcase. 60 RMB/FREE


Disaster Chat, The Hunters, The Game Gurus, Horse Feather at School

4 sick bands, drinks flowing, great night of music, going to be a fun time – that’s what you’re gonna get according to School Bar as Disaster Chat, The Hunters, The Game Gurus, and Horse Feather. 60 RMB

\"Roy Roy McGrath Sextet performJohn Coltrane’s classic BLUE TRAIN from 1958. The evening also featured a solo art exhibit and live painting by visual artist Sarah Mueller.

Roy McGrath at Modernista

Modernista gets lively as they host the Roy McGrath China Tour – ‘a Chicago Latin Jazz Experience with Roy McGrath on Sax, Jonathon Wenzel on Drums, Kitt Lyles on Bass and Bill Cessna on Piano’. Bring your dancing shoes. FREE


Liu Yaodong at 6677 Bar

A member of the Wuhai people from Inner Mongolia, Liu Yaodong spent his early years in Guangdong and has worked as a guitar and piano player for several years – now he’s ready to express his ideas in lyrical form. 60 RMB


Symbiz (Germany) and friends at Yugong Yishan

Ghetoo Bass from Berlin! Symbiz is best described as Germany’s answer to Major Lazer. With family from China, they grew up in Berlin, was influenced by Jamaican reggae, dancehall and African music as well as dubstep and other influences. Join they alongside guests Blood Dunza, and Raddam Raz. 150 RMB



Nova Heart, Glow Curve, The Big Wave, Siberia Cocklebur at Yue Space

It’s indie rock night for Indie Music Store’s second evening of festivities and boy have them rounded up a killer lineup including the ever evolving dark wave disco queen Nova Heart, post rock shapeshifters Glow Curve, synth new wave party animals The Big Wave and indie poppers Siberia Cocklebur. Some serious big hitters here at the Beixinqiao joint. 150 RMB (w/drink)


Gate to Otherside, Rhonda, December3am, The White Paper at School

Volume 18 of School Bar’s ‘Keep Calm and Fly On’ series and they’ve snagged a hell of a lineup that includes spacey rock trio Gate to Otherside, who’ll be releasing their debut later this month, as well as the undeniable post-kraut rock duo december3am, as well as instrumental math rockers Rhonda, and post punk scoundrels The White Papers. 50 RMB


Sleepmakeswaves (AUS), Macondo at Yugong Yishan

New Noise presents Australia’s biggest instrumental post-rock quartet Sleepmakeswaves who’ll be embarking on a nine city tour of China in support of their new album – the band over the past decade has grown to become one of the most prominent post-rock bands touring all over the world with bands such as Tortoise and Mono. Expect a packed house of post rock fans geeking out so hard. Opening support from Beijing’s own Macondo. 150 RMB


Pill Couple (RUS), Anoshkin (RUS) at Caravan

Get down to Caravan to bask in the sounds of the Russian Underground with dark wave synthpop outfit Phil Couple and surf rock post jazz’ trope Anoshkin – two bands with incredibly unique sounds that’ll have your ears perking in no time. FREE


Residence A, Big Magellan, Self Portrait, Penicillin at Mao Livehouse

The Pumpkin No. 1 label welcomes four bands to the stage including indie U2-inspiring rockers Residence A, chivalrous britpoppers Penicillin, Big Magellan and Self Portrait. Looks of swooning, big hooks, and heartfelt melodies – expect the place to be jam packed with the wide-eyed (aka not yet jaded) youth of China. 120 RMB


Wang Tong at Lei Theatre (Workers Stadium)

Renowned pianist Wang Tong will play a special, unamplified concert at the Lei Theatre for children and their families. The pianist and other members of the ensemble will explain the pieces they play, guiding children to love classical music and the piano with works by Bach, Chopin, Mozart and Clayderman. Wang Tong is the real deal folks! 60-180 RMB


Ogenix, Fomalhaut, Goodbye Sunset at Temple

Blast away those emotions with this gut-busting night of metal brought to you by Temple – featuring electro metal outfit Ogenix, prog metal ids Fomalhaut, and post hardcore band Goodbye Sunset. Bring your earplugs cause its gonna get loud. FREE


Default, Silent Speech, Mother of Small Lucy at Mars Club

Campus rock and roll with some bite – shoegaze outfit Default joins alternative indie rockers Silent Speech and more for some mischief down by the Communications University. 60 RMB


Toy Soliders, Double Blade, Ghetto Blaster, Mandela, Pulse Doppler at 13 Club

Five bands look to get folks nice and humid about spring and with the amount of hormones that’ll surely be running amuck this evening at the Wudaoku hotspot, you might just catch some spring fever. 80 RMB


Ding Yuan, Grass Jam at DDC

Rising female folk singer-songwriter, fresh off the release of her latest album Flowers, brings her strong and pristine voice to DDC alongside upbeat folk pop collective Grass Jam. 80 RMB


Hou Kang, Kaile at Blue Stream Bar

Indie sensibility with folk serenading – it’s time to swing by the Gulou mainstay for a lil folk action. 50 RMB


Mosiac at Modernsky Lab

Chengdu dance rockers bring their youthful enthusiasm and riotous stage presence to Modernsky Lab in support of their newest album as they hit the road across a whopping nineteen cities. 80 RMB


Xue Ting, Wang Yuguang at Jianghu Bar

Take two for some awesome shadow puppetry as musician Xue Ting joins shadow puppet artist Wang Yuguang on stage at Jianghu Bar for a concert that combines a new take on the traditional Chinese art of shadow puppetry, with a new take on traditional Chinese music, blending traditional instruments from home with new ones from abroad, like the digeridoo. 60 RMB


Liu Donghong, Qi Ming, Fofox at 69 Cafe

Singer-songwriters Liu Donghong (frontman of folk blues band Sand), Qi Ming and Fofox get down at 69 Café for a laissez-faire folk night. 66 RMB


Tian Sida, Zhang Lanfang at Mogu Space

Liaoning singer-songwriter Zhang Lanfang joins champion campus singe Tian Sida for an evening of soulful, melodic acoustic story telling. 60 RMB (7pm start)


Carlo, Michael, Andrew at Mogu Space

Further into the evening Mogu Space brings you two musicians who don’t need last names – Michael and Carlo. American pianist Carlo (of the Harridans and Djang San) and acoustic countrymen Michael, better known as half of Interracial Staple. 60 RMB (9pm start)



St.ol.en at Modernsky Lab

Chengdu breakouts St.ol.en appear at ModernSky Lab to preview material from their new album. Since their debut release, the synth-heavy electro rock post punks have been busy evolving their sound ever further – catch a preview of that evolution tonight. 100 RMB


The Samans, Deep Mountains, Never Before, Chu Ge at Yue Space

Day three of Indie Music Store’s six year celebration goes for the kill with an epic metal lineup featuring some top notch talent including Tai’an atmospheric black metal outfit Deep Mountains, as well as sludge metallers Never Before, and much much more. 150 RMB


Greta Now (AUS), Zhang Shouwang, The Dice!, Zhao Cong at fRUITYSPACE

Australian indie singer-songwriter Greta Now brings it down a notch with some other offbeat characters at fRUITYSPACE including Carsick Cars frontman Zhang Shouwang, Zoomin Night’ regular Zhao Cong and psychedelic soundsmiths The Dice. (plus a lecture on dada machines starting at 8pm for you sound nerds out there) 50 RMB


Qianchuan Drugstore, Plateau, By Dream, Elvis Fucx at School

Get psycho this Sunday with an offbeat, eclectic lineup at School featuring alt art rockers Qianchuan Drugstore, psychedelic poppers Plateau, post rock foursome By Dream, and more. 40 RMB


Near-Death Experience, Toxic Waste, Dressed to Kill, Hierarchy, Eclipsia at Mao Livehouse

Need a little thrash metal to spice up your life? Can’t hold off till Trash China? Well, Metal Mania has you covered with a thrash-filled lineup that mixes everything from black rock to even heavier metal. Brutalize your Sunday! 80 RMB


Free Sex Shop, V89, Dressed To Kill, Wireless Puppet at Mars Club

Mars Club refuses to dial it in this Sunday with an explosive punk-filled, hard rocking lineup featuring all girl punx group Free Sex Shop, aerobatic hardcore outfit Dressed to Kill and more. 80 RMB


Anoshkin, Roy McGrath at DDC

‘Post-latino, shoe-jazz’ outfit Anoshkin, who hail from Russia join the Roy McGrath jazz trope for some righteous otherworldly jazz sounds that’ll have you up and at em. 60 RMB


Anton Anoshkin at Temple

Need some more (here’s the full breakdown from all the publications) post-lation/post-jazz/shoegaze/surf-rock from the Vladivostok outfit – well they’re be hitting up Temple for some more zaniness. FREE


Nick Parsons, Nathan Borofka, Nian at 69 Café

Local folk heroes Nick Parsons and Nathan Borofka join forces for some acoustic storytelling alongside up and coming folk duo Nian. 60 RMB

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