Weekend Update

Gobble gobble gobble! It’s Thanksgiving Weekend! Too cheap to get a turkey (or couldn’t give a rat’s ass) – then why not fill that void with some live music this weekend.

What I’ll be missing out on


The French are invading (for once) as Birdy Nam Nam, the four piece DJ monster which utilizes their turntables as if they were yielding instruments tears through Yugong Yishan – gonna be a big one.


Tango just keeps getting better and better, with one big event after another. Tonight they are bringing several folk acts for a massive folk throw down that includes Ma Tiao, Shanren, Chuanzi, Tang Dynasty, and Zhong Lifeng among others. Temple, who seems to be making a name for themselves, are hosting girl punkers LOLALOLI. Over at D-22, Lazy Camels, Fuzzy Mood, and Illness Sickness will be doing their thing, rocking the night away. Finally, if you have the electronic bug, head to either Dos Kolegas, for their DJ Night or Yugong Yishan, for the Junglemico Project.

No guitar goes unplayed at D-22


Jianghu Bar, which I haven’t had the pleasure of checking out yet, has it’s 5-year Anniversary with Buyi (whose album I loved but like the venue haven’t seen yet), Chi Ren, Slap, and Lao Liu & Sand. For a little bit of everything head to Dos Kolegas, for Da Bang, The K, The Reason, and Twinkle Star. Toy Head, who I’ve hearing good things about, bring their ska madness to Temple. Punk takes over at D-22Soju Legion (sweet name), GumBleed, Discord, and The Unsafe play. Lazy Camels continue their streak at Old What? Bar, joining Miss Freak and Old Fashion.


Always little gems to be found on Sunday – Mako Livehouse brings Dalianers Which Park, as well as Spiral Cow – their music on douban is really perking my interest. They’ll be supported by Mr. Graceless, another band I admire. Mao Livehouse cleanses its soul tonight with music from Thumbgirl. Finally, D-22 will have indie rockers Time Capsule breaking hearts before the new week begins. 

For more listings and picks check out beijinggigguide.com and beijingdaze.com 

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