Upcoming: Wacken Open Air Metal Battle


For the past couple years, Painkiller and 13 Club have been throwing down with a good ol’ fashion metal battle – pitting metalheads, heavy rockers, and more against one another for a chance at winning a slot at the Wacken Open Air Festival, one of the world’s largest metal festivities – held in northern Germany at the end of the summer. Last year, The Falling, Suffocated, and Yaksa were among the band invited to participate in front of hundreds of metalheads – not too shabby. Well the 2013 W.O.A Metal Battle is back and it’s looking pretty killer. The opening four rounds where the 24 bands will rumble will take place at 8pm on March 15th, March 17th, March 22nd, and March 23rd at 13 Club while in the beginning of April, the winning bands will move forward and compete against the other winners from across China, including Shanghai and Guangzhou. A grand opportunity to catch some the hottest hard rockers in town, and of course, get your mosh on. Here’s the lineup for the heat shows. Look for updates in the near future as the metal rages on.

Friday March 15th

Evil Thorn


Black Lake

Heavy Duty

Spirit Trance


Sunday March 17th

Silent Resentment

Purple Hell

Jacky Danny



Bloom In The Dark


Friday March 22nd


Dream Spirit

Tengger Cavalry



Nine Treasures


Saturday March 23rd



The Lifeless


Cavia Procellus


Which head-banger will come out on top – wait and find out?

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