Upcoming: Temple\’s One Year Anniversary


It didn’t take long for Temple, the Gulou pithole which always offer a swashbuckling good time, along with top quality music for free (mostly) to reign supreme in the last year. Some days it’s a live music venue where I can enjoy sitting back with my friends on the couch, always days it’s a bar where I can happen to jump out and start shakin my ass to the band rocking out in the corner…it’s really this thin line between being a full-blown bar and a full-blown live music venue which has made the place so god damn awesome in my book. Well, they’re celebrating one year next coming weekend and that can only mean one thing – time for some more music and drinks on the house. Do your selfself a favor and get your butts over to Gulou Dong Dajie and show a little love on Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st, and Sunday the 22nd for Temple’s One Year Anniversary Party. Here’s what the weekend is looking like for them….

Pure Hard Rock
Jacky Danny + Kick Ass

Rolling Bowling +Skarving + DJ Green Monkey + special guests

Drink Deals
Buy 1 Tiger get 1 free
Buy 5 shots get 1 free
Happy Hour till 10pm every night

Yup, looks like another complete shitshow, better grab a seat early on or if you’re lucky enough claim the couch as your own…can’t wait!

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