Upcoming: Sound of the Xity \’12

Sound of the Xity ‘12 Festival

Holidays are always a double-edged sword here – you finally get the opportunity to escape the smog and chaos of the city, and then you realize that during those free days some of the best acts will be playing in town. The holiday-festival season starts a month early this year with Sound of the Xity Festival which will be running from April 1st (no joke) to April 3rd across town at all our favorite venues – every night there’s a little something for everyone’s tastes, from heart throb Hao Yun (I feel like I’m the only one who recognizes him as that), crowd favs electronic rockers Pet Conspiracy, Ningxia legends Buyi, to Mr. Graceless (who I’m dying to check out) in tow with his new album. So feel free to make it outside the city during the day, but if you wanna get down and dirty with Beijing’s best, give your nights up to the Sound of the Xity.
Here’s a day-by-day rundown of what the festival will bring (you can also download pdf’s of the schedule here)

April 1st Sunday

SoundtoyYugong Yishan – 9pm 
Hao Yun w/ Shannon and Hoochie Coochie GentlemenMako Livehouse – 8:30pm
BuyiDos Kolegas – 10pm
Yangjima w/ Song Yuzhe and DawanggangJianghu Bar – 9pm
Zhang Ying Jazz GroupBlue Stream Bar – 9pm
Billy Starman/Howie Lee/Guzz/SulumiSchool – 11pm

April 2nd Monday

WangwenYugong Yishan – 9:30pm
Low WormwoodMako Livehouse – 9pm
Emitter/Poshangcun/Dreamgarden/Finger Family/Gebituan/Sunshin Mao Livehouse – 8pm
Whai/Skarving/ShaoDos Kolegas – 10pm
330 Metal FestivalTango – 8pm
My September w/ David CuiBlue Stream Bar – 9pm
Cui WenqinGulou 121 – 9pm
The Taste of SoulJianghu Bar – 9pm
AgoriaLantern – 11pm

April 3rd Tuesday

Pet Conspiracy w/ We Are Not InvitedYugong Yishan – 8:30
Mr. GracelessMao Livehouse – 2pm (an afternoon show…nice!)
Lure/Christmas/DUDEMao Livehouse – 8:30pm
Wu & The Side Effects/NucleusDos Kolegas – 10pm
KuluMako Livehouse – 9pm
Core DayTango – 7:30pm
DawanggangGulou 121 – 9pm
Zhang Xiao/Song Dongye/Ma Di  – Blue Stream Bar – 9pm
Liu Minghan/Yuan Jing
Lawrence Ku TrioJianghu Bar – 9pm
Shenggy/Jackie/Billy StarmanSchool


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