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As I mentioned last week, Zhu Wenbo and Josh Feola are throwing a weekend party at the beginning of March, and it’s shaping up to be quite the kickoff to spring. Artists hailing from all around China will be heading to location on Di’anmen (perhaps the new home of D-22?) on Saturday and Sunday to improvise, jam, cause a ruckus, make some noise, and create some exhilarating music. If you’re at all curious about experimental music, or missed out on the Zoomin Nights’ at D-22, then you owe it to yourself to be there. I for one can’t wait to see Yan Yulong on that violin again. Here’s the lineup so far (be sure to check again at Pangbianr for updates)

Saturday March 3

Soviet Pop (Beijing)
Da Xiao (Shanghai) + Hong Qi Le (Fuzhou)
Zhang Shouwang (Beijing) + Yan Yulong (Beijing)
GOOOOOSE (Shanghai)
Ice Seller (Tianjin) + Liu Xinyu (Beijing)
Yu Yiyi (Guangzhou)
Walnut Room (Beijing) + Dinner Sock
Dead Sea (Sichuan/Beijing)
Mind Fiber (Li Jianhong + Vavabond + Bei Ou; Beijing/Changsha)
Torturing Nurse (Shanghai) + Mei Zhiyong (Changchun)

Sunday March 4

Ad Hoc Improv Committee: Yan Jun (Beijing), Olaf Hochherz (Berlin), Li Zenghui (Beijing), Shi Yang (Beijing), Iku Sakan (Berlin), Yan Yulong (Beijing), Zhang Shouwang (Beijing), Vavabond (Beijing), Li Qing (Beijing)
Li Tieqiao (Beijing)
Maimai + MTDM + Xu Cheng (Shanghai)
Huan Qing (Dali)
Li Daiguo (Dali)
Xiao He (Beijing)


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