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The idea of throwing a festival over the course of a week across various venues isn\’t new – SX Music has pulled it off for two years now with fine results,  Dong Dong  joined in on the fun a few weeks back, and of course JUE does it in style all throughout the month of March each year. Now Modern Sky is taking a stab at the format with a series of shows thrown at venues across Beijing (well just Yugong Yishan and the ThinkPad Space) over the course of two weeks. And not just any shows – Modern Sky has pulled out some old favorites, such as The Cardigans and Cat Power, as well as other semi-big names, which may or may not have any relevant to folks nowadays, for what they\’re marketing as a \’festival\’ Really? It\’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, as it seems Modern Sky is cornering that high end ticket price market with zero concern (one of the disappointments of the Dong Dong Festival). Even more intriguing is Modern Sky\’s \’festival\’ making it\’s way out to Xian where four shows will unfold at the Xian Concert Hall, including Hao Yun and Zuoxiaozuzhou – now that looks like a better lineup in my opinion. Check out what\’s in store for us Beijingers below. Purchase them here and here. Tickets range from 100-280 RMB. Dude I remembering chasing Free Energy around at MIDI a few years back to profess my love – pretty lame.

Here\’s the lineup:

Nov 27
Tegan and Sara (w/ Da Bang) @ Yugong Yishan

Nov 28
Efterklang (w/ Glow Curve) @ Yugong Yishan

Nov 29

Free Energy (w/ CNdY) @ Yugong Yishan

Nov 30
Club 8 (w/ Spice)  @ Yugong Yishan

Dec 1
The Cardigans (w/ A-Si) @ ThinkPad Space

Dec 8
Cat Power @ ThinkPad Space

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