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Naohai 闹海


Naohai 闹海, known for their rugged indie rock that’s volatile and filled with playful post-punk breakdowns and atmospheric post rock soundscapes.

Kṣitigarbha 地藏


återinför lingonsylt till folket! 



As LED’s became common place, A shining jewel was not enough, To clear the depths of hell he turned to, Po-po rock 

Kavin(กวิน) on drums 

Colin(大树) on guitar/vocal 

Lulu(大路) on flute 

Damian(大明) on synth/guitar/vocal 

…with Popo(Po总, General Po) as the acting bandleader, art director, and composer.


云镜,云即诉说,镜即反射,曾在刺猬,脑浊,Roundeyes等乐团巡演中暖场。于2019年秋加入主音吉他龙龙,贝斯孟鸠,组新四人阵容,融合Grunge,Garage Punk,Noise Rock,以阴郁狂躁的现场表现为招牌风格。 

YunJing 云镜, out of Xiamen, whose unhinged, chaotic, and lyrically propelled tunes go straight for the juggler and combines grunge, noise rock, and punk into a combustible package.

Secret Guest神秘嘉宾

secret band will be revealed later this month!

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Translated by: Angeldust/Cab

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