Upcoming: LBM presents Summer Stock (DDC 2017.07.29)

No doubt about it – summer is here to stay. And besides bringing the sweltering heat, the season also brings forth a whole new crop of bands looking to lay havoc to the music scene – ready to keep the grooves dense and the atmosphere humid. Live Beijing Music and DDC team up again for their seasonal outing with ‘Summer Stock’ – a stuffed, rollicking package of indie rock that’ll introduce audiences to some of the newest and dangerously deviant sounds out there. LBM has no quells calling Last Goodbye one of their favorite bands of the year, the neo-psychedelic shoegaze outfit has been keeping listeners enthralled with their buoyant dream pop laced world and have opened up for numerous international groups such as Flying Colours, Splashh and more. Joining them are Agoraphobia the young indie rock band that’s been quietly building a fine catalogue of melodically pleasing adolescent-ridden singles – with an EP due out later this year and having already opening for some of indie rock’s most sought bands they’re poised to hit it big in the next year. Ambient Intelligence, born form the love of 80s synths between friends, is the modular synth duo whose music style is electronic and techno oriented with lots of experimental and improvisational elements. Another fresh on the scene act – synth pop duo 5th Dimension, is the love child of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lowsky who joins synthesizer lead Fanny for a neon-color parade of electro pop and new wave swagger that’s still finding it’s feet and paving their way to the big stage. And finally, a bit of sugar-coated, razor blade filled punk rock courtesy of the volatile ladies of Xiao Wang, the latest girl punk outfit that’s been taking the scene by storm. The band was been lighting up stages left and right, and are just about done igniting as the band looks to hit the brakes come next month – so catch lighting in a bottle while you can! Punk, shoegaze, indie, pop, synths and more – just another summer stroll with LBM and DDC – come join!

时间/Time: Saturday, July 29th 9:00pm

2017年7月29日 21:00

门票/Ticket: 50 RMB (advance)/60 RMB (door)

50元(预售票) 60元(现场票)

地点/Venue: DDC

地址/ADD: 北京市东城区美术馆后街山老胡同14号

Shanlao Hutong NO. 14, Dongcheng District

阵 容/Line up:

Last Goodbye

Agoraphobia  广场恐惧症 

5th Dimension

Xiao Wang

Ambient Intelligence


Last Goodbye (Neo-psychedelic/Shoegaze)


Founded in 2015 in Beijing, shuttled between Shoegaze and Neo-Psychedelic, creating moving images with noise.



Agoraphobia 广场恐惧症 (Inide rock)

Young indie rock outfit that’s been quietly building a catalogue of adolescent-ridden indie pop singles while preparing for the their adult lives. The band opened for Birdstriking and Mr. Graceless last winter and has been prepping their debut EP, due out later this summer.






Ambient Intelligence (modular synth live electronica)

Ambient Intelligence is an electronic duo formed in late 2016 by Alan Ip and Yanlo Chow. They have been deeply influenced by electronic music with synthesizers movement in early 80s. Although the duo does not want to confine to any type of music or genre, their music style is electronic and techno oriented with lots of experimental and improvisational elements. They believe in the chemistry and interaction between human, machine, environment and ambient, and they are trying to express whatever these interactions come out in terms of music.


Ambient Intelligence 是一队由葉海顺(Alan)和周因路(Yanlo)在2016尾組成的双人组合。他们的音乐路线受八十年代电子音乐运动和电子合成器深远的影响。即使组合本身不想受制于任何音乐类型,音乐风格仍然以电子和techno为主,内容充满实验和即兴元素。他们相信通过人、机器和周遭环境的互动能产生化学变化,然而利用这些互动和变化来创作音乐。

葉海顺(Alan), 香港Minimal乐队始创人之一,曾经是红梅谷音乐队的吉他手和主唱。两年前和香港音乐监制丁炜成立ITTI乐队,最近和周因路组成Ambient Intelligence。Alan也是一位音乐人,热爱电子合成器。除了制作音乐,闲余时候也研发电子乐器。

周因路(Yanlo), 中国美術工作者,曾經是音樂紀錄片導演,過去五年遊歷世界多國採訪及報導多位音樂家及樂隊,曾經是本地樂隊鍵琴手及獨立音樂人。

About Alan Ip:

Founding member of Hong Kong Electronics Music Group- Minimal, later the lead guitarist and vocalist of 紅梅谷. He is also a founding member of the electronic music duo with James Ting, ITTI (2015) and currently with Yanlo Chow as Ambient Intelligence (2016). Alan has been an independent artist, musician, arranger and composer for his own works and other pop artists in Hong Kong. Alan is also a collector of Vintage Analog Synthesizer and an inventor/maker of modular analog synthesizer.

About Yanlo Chow:

A Chinese painter and fine-art artist. He is also a music documentary director with numerous published works. In the last 5 years, he has been traveling around the world to interview numerous music groups, producers and music artists. He has been a keyboardist for a Chinese band and also an independent music maker. His passion in synthesizers has caused him a broken marriage in the past.

5th Dimension (electro pop/synth)




Synth pop duo 5th Dimension is the love child of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lowsky who joins synthesizer lead Fanny for a neon-color parade of electro pop and new wave swagger



这个时代变化太快,音乐也是如此,从最初的卡带、CD、到压缩乐曲,网络数字化思维已经席卷了整个社会。当那些模拟的东西离我们越来越远的时候,我们便迎来了一个不断膨胀的数字世界。于是,5th Dimenson选择用数字的方式来表达对这个世界的思考:第五维度是什么不重要,重要的是每一个个体本身。



Xiao Wang (riot girl punk)

Self described as a Beijing kawaii Core (北京卡哇伊嚷) band – Xiao Wang are a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor –a volatile, in your face, blast of girl punk rock and roll that’ll have you swirling your beer in the air. 

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