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World Music Day is upon us again folks – and by World Music Day I mean La Fete de la Musique – the annual summer solstice music celebration, which got its start in France during the 70s, and has spread across the world since then. Last year the organizers managed to snag fourteen venues to partcipate in the merry fun – and this year they’ve shat all over that number – with a staggering thirty-four venues throwing down this year – from music haven Dos Kolegas, to microbrew peeps Malty Dog, and even coffee houses. Basically, if you step into any establishment in Gulou, come this Friday, June 21st, you’re bound to run into some drunken musical shenanigans. And best of all, it’s all super duper free. I\’d put my money on Dos Kolegas\’s mega lineup on the outdoor stage (though after hearing of Saturday\’s clusterfuck of a show they might be skeptical) unless you have the juices to barhop around Gulou, which is a pretty ace idea, and definitely keeps with the spirit of the festival. Check out their website here which is mighty nice, and click below for the full line lineup, as well some cute maps for all you folks who can’t find their way around Gulou yet. Noobs.


1. Cangku 仓库

10:30pm : the Chopsticks 乐队

2. VA Bar

8pm: Tiger Battle of Bands 虎牌乐队龙虎榜 (TBC)

3. School Bar 学校酒吧

9pm: Live in Summer: Candy Monster with Friends, 1st album release 糖果怪兽乐队和朋友们,首张专辑发布

4. Mai 麦吧

9pm: Zac Courtney\’s \’The New Vibe\’

5. Modernista

10pm : “Mademoiselle et son Orchestre”

12am: DJ Peter Stone

6. Malty Dog

9 pm: The Hutong Yellow Weasels 胡同黄鼠狼

7. Hot Cat 热力猫俱乐部


Daily Prophet魔力日报(rock ,funk, bossa-nova / 摇滚,放克,巴萨诺瓦)

 Wang Wei王威与乐队(硬摇滚)

8. “Là bas” Bar 远方

8pm to 11pm: Folk Music Night 民谣乐

Gangzi 图利古尔-刚子

Yang Ji Ma央吉玛

A Shui 阿水

Xiao Bu dian小不点 (民谣)

9. Au Goulot

8pm to 11.30pm: DJ Set Pierre Stone

10. Café de la poste 云游驿

9pm: Blue Illusion 蓝光 (Jazz, Blues, Folk /爵士, 蓝调,民谣)

 11. Blue Stream 蓝溪酒吧

9pm to 11.30pm: 图利古尔-刚子 -蓝溪蒙古民谣之夜 Mongolia Folk Live By Tulegir Gangzi

12. Jiangjinjiu 疆进酒酒吧

9pm: Zakka  左卡乐队

13. Mao Livehouse 

7.30 pm : Djang San 张思安

8.30 pm: « Lo\’jo » and Guo Gan果敢

10.15 pm: Residence A  A公馆

14. Temple Bar 坛酒吧

11.30pm: Wanderlust

1am: DJ Oshi (The drop – Tropical Dubstep)

15. Four Corners 肆角

10.30 pm : Tavey Lean and the Solid Gold Dream Machine

16.  Jiali Gallery 家里

7.30pm: Kamila Nasr (Canadian Singer) and Pierre Brahim

17. Corner Coffee 拐角

6.30 pm:

Shang Wei 尚伟

WANG Yawei 王亚伟

18. Cuju 蹴鞠

6pm: “Mademoiselle et son Orchestre”

19. 69 Coffee 69咖啡馆

8.30pm : Momosky 茉茉天空 (Indie Pop)

20. Salud 老伍酒吧

10 pm: DJ Gum (Style: Premeditated fun)

21. Zoom Club 足舞酒吧

8pm to 00am: EVP (Jazz Fusion, RnB, Funk 爵士,节奏布鲁斯,放克)

22. Jianghu 江湖酒吧

8.30pm: The Randy Abel Stable 美国兰草乡村乐队

23. XP 小萍

9.30pm: Fat Tree肉树 (Rock, 摇滚)

10:30pm:  The Big Wave大波浪 (electro, techno, 电子,迷幻,迪斯科)

Extra Venues:

Xiaoju 小局 (Gulou )


24. Rechenberg

12pm: Classical music 古典音乐 (Baroque and Romantic Music, 巴洛克音乐 ,浪漫主义音乐)

Piano 钢琴: Ariane Reimers, flute 长笛: Kathrin von Rechenberg

Soprano 女高音: Christiane Zhu Lambrecht

25. Art at Home  Art

5.30pm to 7pm: Arnaud Favry (pianist) and Camille Holden (singer)

8pm to 9pm: Nicolas Torese (guitarist) and Zoe Wang (Jazz, Tango…)

26. Royal Smushi 皇家慕喜

9pm: Pianist: Kenny from Hong Kong (Jazz/爵士 )

27. Lycée français  北京法国国际学校

5.30 pm – 6.30pm: Primary School Choir 儿童合唱

7.30 pm – 9.30pm: “My Little big band” High School Students Band “

Middle School Students performance: Piano and Classic music

Students performance – Various music style

28. Bar Manifesto (Mesa Restaurant)

10pm to 00.30am: “Rani and The Right Turns”

29. L\’Atelier  啊特黎尔

4pm to 6pm: “Music and Art” class for children with Sophie Nivet, please feel free to participate at any time between 4pm to 6pm.

30. Hotel G 极栈

10.30 pm:

DJ Louis Bayle

DJ Frederic Beigbeder

31.  Beer Mania 欧月啤酒吧

7.30pm: International Karaoke Night –国际卡拉OK之夜

Extra Venues:

Galaxy Soho (Sanlitun)


32.  2 kolegas – 两个好朋友


1st Group : Namo 南无

2nd Group: Perpetual Motion Machine:  永动机乐队

3rd Group:  Whai 坏

4th Group:  Amazing insurance salesman 保险超人乐队


DJ Frederic Beigbeder

We are not invited 我们没被邀请

Dj Pei  (Bye Bye Disco and Dada Muse)

Vj Chen Xiongwei  陈雄伟

33.  Yuanfen 缘分798 : Projet Pause

On that night, the public will have the opportunity to test this amazing experience for free. Booking is strongly recommended.The experience is co-hosted by Luma Lu Studio of Visual Arts and Yuanfen Flow Consulting Studio as part of Croisements festival.

34. Capital M 前门M餐厅

6.30pm: Capital Music String Quartet 中央音乐学院

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