Upcoming: JUE Festival

In the loving kind of mood, so I wanted to give a quick shout out to Split Works and their upcoming JUE Festival, which was a blast last year, and looks to be raising it to a whole other level of greatness this year. All year round, the crew over at Split Works work long and hard to bring some of the best international acts over to the capital, both world renowned and obscure. The JUE Festival this year kicked off last last Saturday with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and will get things in full gear this weekend as Ben Gibbard’s juggernaut of a band Death Cab for Cutie takes over Tango…and sixteen year old Will here is gonna go nuts. And that’s only the beginning – the festival which runs from March 9 to March 25 is bringing everyone – from DJ Rob Swift, The Stooges’s Steve Mackay, AM444, The Rainbow Danger Club, Eatliz and more – to the Big Red.


Here’s the music lineup by date (go to www.juefestival.com to check out what else will be going on) – and be sure to check in the coming weeks for more in-depth coverage of the festival and shows

Friday 9th

Excess Luggage – 9:00 pm – Hot Cat Club
WHALE! (AttackUnicorns/Bobby Dropper/DJ Crab People/DJ Fun Party/DJ Santorum) – 9:00 pm – 4 Corners

Saturday 10th

Tea Rockers Quintet (Wu Na, Yan Jun, Xiao He, Li Daiguo, Lao Gu) – 2:00 pm – 798
Death Cab for Cutie w/ Life Journey – 8:00 – Tango
Bloody Woods – 9:00 pm – Blue Stream Bar
Love Bang: Bicep, Super Ayi Cleaning Team, Kaize – 10:00 pm – Haze

Sunday 11th

Randy Abel Stable – 7:00 pm – Hot Cat Club

Thursday 15th

Rob Swift w/ DJ Wesley – 9:30 pm – Yugong Yishan

Friday 16th

Steve Mackay w/ Sikhara – 9:00 – Hot Cat Club

Saturday 17th

Qu Wanting – 9:00 pm – Yugong Yishan
Making A Perfect Accident w/ Bye Bye Disco – DJ Sodapop, DJ Pei – 9:00 pm – Silf
SLAM! Poetry  w/ Tim Clare amd Luka Lesson – 9:00 pm – Dos Kolegas

Sunday 18th

Courtney Wing w/ David Mitchell + Yunggiema – 8:00 pm – Jianghu Bar

Thursday 22nd

Chapelier Fou w/ Yan Yulong – 9:00 – Mao Livehouse

Friday 23rd

Summer Lei + BIT Sound – 9:00 pm – Yugong Yishan
AM444 + ROM – 9:00 pm – Dos Kolegas

Saturday 24th

Shanghai Showcase – Rainbow Danger Club + Friend or Foe w/ Fuzzy Mood – 9:00 pm – Dos Kolegas
87 FEI 87 – Taxee Tapes Edition – 11:00 pm – School Bar

Sunday 25th

Devil Music Ensemble + Eatliz – 7:00 pm – Tango

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