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Thanks to Halloween falling on a Thursday this year, we’re getting quite the long weekend for us music lovers. Just fucking epic – just look at how stacked that calendar is. Throw a stone why don’t ya – you’re bound to hit something with a tune. So I’m just gonna go ahead and give my top 3 picks for you all donning a costume come tonight – which just by chance happen also to be free – strange how that happens. Check back tomorrow for your regular update.


     WHAI, Nine Treasures, Nonorock, The Losers at Dos Kolegas

There’s something about being trapped on the lagoon that is Dos Kolegas in some shitty costume you just threw together that appeals to me. Add in an intriguing an all over the place lineup with trance-rock from WHAI and pagan metal from Nine Treasures (who are looking mighty fine these days after their little Wacken experience) might have to make the trek out there and get myself into a situation where there is no return


The Beijing Misfits, Devils at the Crossroad at Temple

Pretty much a freak show three nights of the week anyway, adding in costumes will only disguise the true horror that is Temple But yeah, The Beijing Misfits, who had a ghost gimp (or was it gimp ghost?) strangling himself in delight at last years show, are returning ready to shit on your lawn and tear down some shackles at the Gulou home base of debauchery. Plus, the Devils at the Crossroads return with a new singer, who may or may not be of this world? Scary right, well that’s Temple


Bedstars, The Big Wave at School

XP’s interior is the perfect match for Halloween – dingy, damp, that constant feeling of someone watching your every move – well make it sketchy tonight by filling the narrow space with hordes of costumed regulars. Alcohol will flow, thanks in part to the riotous Bedstars making your friends look increasingly sober, and The Big Wave, who are slowly solidify themselves as a righteous band and potential rookie of the year, no trick.


Really though, I added XP cause of the potential of a double bash – start with XP and make an abrupt spirit to Temple for the stroke of midnight and see who doesn’t trip on their red cape.


Superman sucked this year anyway.

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