Upcoming: Halloween Shows

Halloween is just around the corner and its gonna be spread out over five days thanks to the actual date falling on a Wednesday this year – so get that costume out, get your skank on, cause whatever transpires at these parties, you get an ‘get out of jail free card’ because you’re dressed like a complete ass. Hence why I can brush off last Halloween where I woke up in Sanlitun with wet pants, and a gang of Chinese trying to pick a fight with the ever so passive me – oh, and I might have kidnap a high school girl with orange hair. Cause obviously Jack Nicolson circa Witches of Eastwick era is allowed to do such things. Yeahhhh, here’s a collection of the Halloween parties in town with live music.

Saturday October 27th


Where: Dos Kolegas 10pm
SUBS, Candy Monster, DH & The Chinese Hellcats, Steely Heart, Wu & The Side Effects
Why: Cause it’s Dos Kolegas and Halloween, a slew of fun bands, and Kao Mao screaming in your face – 60 RMB


Where: Temple 9:30pm
The Beijing Beatles
Why: If everyone was dressed up as a beatle that would be awesome – but seriously, there’s gonna be free shots, good people, and you can sing to every song without people being able to identity you (imagine Wolverine doing Maxwell’s Silver Hammer) – Free

Wednesday October 31st


Where: Mao Livehouse 9pm
A.J.K, Dream Spirit, Bloom in the Dark, The Incisors
Why: Hard rock and metal were made for Halloween – get in with the young Chinese crowd tonight and throw some black on – 50/60/80 RMB


Where: Yugong Yishan
Not There, The Randy Abel Stable, Confectionaires (Lulu Galore and Kate Smith)
Why: It’s a Halloween Hoedown people – good clean fun. There’s gonna be some dancing, swinging, goofy smiles, and goofier costumes. – 50/70 RMB


Where: XP 9:30pm
Bedstars, Brother Tough, Las Perracas, Beijing Misfits
Why: A pastime of the Shanghai music scene – dress up as the Misfits and just wild out – is finding a new home here at XP – this is gonna be a shitshow folks, a smorgasbord of debauchery – bring that devil on your shoulder – Free (w/ costume)


Where: Jianghu Bar 9pm
Nanwu (Namo)
Why: Not sure if this is a Halloween theme event, but it’s Nanwu, who have from time to time donned costumes for their performances – yeah, watch you be the only dude decked out in fairy dust and wings – 50 RMB


Where: Temple 9:30pm
Who: Beats me – goth night is the word on the street
Why: Cause it’s Temple and one party is never enough for those guys – expect these cats to go goth one hundred and ten percent – Free


Where: Mako Livehouse 9:30pm
Zaliva-D, Noise & Noise, Cicadark
Why: Cause finally, an electronic music scene geared specifically for the holiday, at least in sound (can’t really say that for the countless other parties going down on the weekend) – Free

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