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If there\’s one thing the French know how to do it\’s throw a damn good party. La Fete de la Musique is one of France\’s biggest music events, celebrated every year on June 21st, since 1982. Since its orginal incarnation it has spread all across the world and in recent years has made it way to good ol\’ Beijing where the festival has quite literally taken over Gulou area (and then some) with over fifty bands performing one evenign across thirty different venues –  likely the largest coordinated musical event to hit Beijing ever. Well after last years\’ success la Fete de la Musique returns to Beijing this Saturday, June 21st for a ever bigger bash. Frankly, you have no choice – walk down any street, hutong, or alleyway in Gulou and chances are you\’re gonna bump into one of these shows. The big momma of them all is over at Dos Kolegas, but really, there\’s something for everyone.  Check out the entire lineup below as well as a nifty map to help the more ambitious ones who want to jump from venue to venue – I totally would.  Did I mention it\’s free!!


  1. 1. Capital M

Beijing, Chongwen District, Qianmen Pedestrian Street n°2 (Overlooking TianAnmen Square)

12am The Yellow Hutong Weasels (Bluegrass)

16pm The Wisemann Brass Ensemble (Chamber Music)

2. Rechenberg

Beijing, Chaoyang District, Xinyuan Xili Dongjie, Yard after the building n°12

12am Ariane Reimers & Kathrin Von Rechenberg ( Romantic, Baroque & Chamber Music)

3. Dos Kolegas

Beijing, Chaoyang District, Liangmaqiao Lu n°21 (inside the drive-in movie theater park)

2pm Fusha (World Music)

3pm Clotilde Rullaud Jazz

4pm AjinaiFolk

5pm Mama Funker Funk

6pm DongziFolk

7pm ShanrenFolk

8 pm 16MinRock

9pm Steely HeartIndie Music

4. Banchang 12

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Jiadaokou Nan Dajie, Banchang Hutong n°12

3pm Xiabudian & Friends (Jam Sessions)

5. Salud

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Nanluoguxiang n°66

3pm Ismat (Folk Rock)

9pm The Groove Collective Funk Rock

6. Chill Bar

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Andingmen Xi Dajie n°2

5pm Zoe Wang & Nico Torrese (Jazz)

7. Cu Ju

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Dongsi Bei Dajie, Xiguan Hutong n°28

5.30pm Little Punk (Folk)

8. Jiali Gallery

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Beijixiang Hutong n°4

6pm Carlos Sebastiá Exhibition PartyJam Session

9. Xiaoju

Beijing, Xicheng District, Nanluoguxiang, Mao Er Hutong, n°14

6pm Pierre Pradat & Friends (Jazz)

10. Jianghu

Beijing, Dongcheng, Jiadaokou Nan Dajie, Dongmianhua Hutong n°7

7.30pm Xinadein (World Music)

8.30pm Blurred Bubble (Rock)

9.30pm Longjin (Reggae)

11. Là-Bas

Beijing, Dongcheng, Jiadaokou Bei San Tiao, n°34

8pm Buu (World Music)

12. The Other Place

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Langjia Hutong n°1

8pm DJ Liuwei (DJ)

9pm DJ Sulumi DJ

10pm DJ Headmaster DJ

13. Zoom Club

Beijing, Xicheng District, Qianhai Nayanlu, n°2 2/F

8pm Mr Xing and His Friends (Flamenco)

14. Au Goulot

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Gulou Dong Dajie, Zhonglou Wan Hutong n°43 (between the Bell and Drum Towers)

8.30pm M&M Blues Blues

10pm Phonolux DJ Central and Eastern Europe’s Music

15. Snail Hostel

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Jiadaokou Dajie, Daxing Hutong n°73

8.30pm Momosky (Pop)

16. 2012 Bar

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Nanluoguxiang, Ju Er Hutong n°61

9pm David Colp Country

10.15pm Mr Unknown Alternative Rock

17. Blue Stream

Beijing Xicheng District, Jiu Gulou Dajie n°183, Intersection between Jiu Gulou Dajie & Gulou Xi Dajie

9pm BlackwaterIrish Music

18. Bu Er Jiu Dian

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Qian Yuan Ensi Hutong n°14

9pm Liu Tianxiang, Bao Kefan, Willy Jam Session

19. Mai Bar

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Beiluoguxiang n°40

9pm DJ Charles (DJ)

20. Mama Pizza

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Beiluoguxiang n°51

9pm Remedios, Carlo, Dan Taylor from The HarridansFolk

21. Mao Livehouse

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Gulou Dong Dajie n°111

9 pm 4U (Electro)

9.45 pm Glow Curve (Rock)

10.30 pm Djang SanRock

11pm Mein Sohn WilliamElectro

22. Zajia

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Jiu Gulou Dajie, Doufuchi Hutong (Hong En Daoist Temple)

9pm The White Cloud Market (Experimental)

23. 69 Cafe

Beijing, Xicheng District, Nanluoguxiang n°109

9.30pm Jiani (Indie music)

24. Modernista

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Gulou Don Dajie, Baochao Hutong n°44

9.30pm Mademoiselle et Son Orchestre (Jazz)

25. XP

Beijing, Xicheng District, Di Anmen Xi Dajie (Southwest of the Di Anmen intersection, behind the Fragrant Autumn Chestnut Store)

9.30pm The Drink Alternative Punk

26. 4 Corners

Beijing, Xicheng District, Gulou Xi Dajie, Dashibei Hutong n°27

9pm The Avengers of Music (Pop)

00pm Tavey Lean and The Solid Gold Dream Machine Classic Soul & Funk

27. East Shore Jazz Live Cafe

Beijing, Xicheng District, Di Anmen, Wai Dajie Qianhai Nanyanlu n°2

10pm Clotilde Rullaud (Jazz)

11pm Nathaniel Gao Quartet (Jazz)

28. VA Bar

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Wudaoying Hutong n°13

10pm Black VA Group (Rock)

10.45pm C60 Rock

11.30pm One Shot Rock

00:15am Steve Blaque Rock

29. Temple Bar

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Gulou Dong Dajie n°206, B202

10.30pm Los CrasherHard Rock

11.15pm Djang San + BandRock, Jazz, Pop, Electro

00.00am Whai Rock

30. Café de la Poste

Beijing, Dongcheng District, Yonghegong Dajie n°58

00:00am DJ MaxSalsa



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