Upcoming: DongDong Music Festival and Conference


I’ve sure you’ve heard all the buzz already, but here it is again – this upcoming weekend, from Novermeber 7th to November 10th, the DongDong Music Festival and Convention will unfold across the Gulou area. Founded by the Kaiguan Culture center and Gato Loco Productions, the four day music event will consist of 24 bands, and 6 DJs from Asia and across the world as well conferences, talks, workshops and more. Highlights include French electro trio Telepopmusik, noise rockers Carsick Cars, Shanghai’s Subculture crew, shoegaze darlings Skip Skip Ben Ben and much much more. And for those interested enough you can register for a three day delegate pass for 350 RMB which gets you into the all the shows and activities (except for Telepopmusik) over the four days, which is a pretty dope deal if you have the energy. Check out their very user-friendly website (or download their pdf program) for more details or scroll below to check out the complete lineup.

Open To Public

November 8th 

Yugong Yishan

Francesco Tristano (Luxemburg)


Nova Heart


White +

Skip Skip Ben Ben




DJ Jase

Red I

Drunk Monk

DJ Dragon

Soul Flower

November 9th

Yugong Yishan


Carsick Cars

Steely Heart


Plastic Heads


Plastic Heads


Teddy Boy Kill


DJ Pei

DJ Soundspade

November 10th

Yugong Yishan


\"Festival-ticket-pics\" Delegates Only

November 8th

Hot Cat Club

Bye Bye Noise


Chui Wan

November 9th

Hot Cat Club

The Big Wave

Tulegur Gangzi

Taan Towch


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