Upcoming: ‘dazeFEAST 2014


The one and only  Badr Benjelloun, better known round these parts as BeijingDaze is throwing down the gauntlet once again this Saturday, June 14th for the forth and sadly last \’dazeFEAST aptly entitled ‘dazeFEAST 2014: All Messy Things Must Come to an End. Hosted by the local blogger, rum enthusiast, Moroccan food pusher, baller in general, the event is everything that\’s so great about this city –  smiles, good vibes,  drunkens ramblings, roast lamb, capoeira on the grass and some of the loudest, most fun bands that the man knows and loves at the one and only Dos Kolgeas. Pretty much an all day and night rager – last year I heard folks were still jamming it out in through the wee hours of the morning. As you may now, Badr is one of the reasons why LBM got started in the first place and his love and support for the scene has made it all the better for just about everyone — read up on my fanboy interview I tossed at him back in 2012. At the same time, it\’s also been my curse to miss the \’dazeFEAST every year, due to traveling, weddings, and whatnot — so while I\’ll be on a plane to Africa come Saturday, I expect each and every one of you readers to head over to the drive-in and have the time of your lives. Here\’s the lineup thus far…and as always, it\’s on the house.

What: \’dazeFEAST 2014

Where: Dos Kolegas

When: Saturday June 14th 3pm 

Ticket: Free


Los Crasher
Xia Yue Tuan
Chicago Blues Brothers
The Beijing Dead
SUBS – 杀不死乐队
Bad Mamasan – 坏妈妈桑乐队
Djang San Band
Randy Abel Stable – 马厩
Residence A – A公馆
Hutong Yellow Weasels 胡同黄鼠狼 
Capoeira Mandinga Beijing – 巴西战舞

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