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With MIDI and Strawberry high tailing it down south, it’s a pretty sparse holiday week festival wise. Granted, it ain’t exactly the warmest outside, and plenty of you folks are probably exhausted from festival season already, but it would have been nice to have the option at the very least. The lone soldier these next three days (Oct. 1st-3rd) is the Kirin Canal International Music Festival located in Strawberry’s usual digs – the Tangzhou Canal Park. The lineup isn’t exactly stellar and leans heavily toward pop stars and mainstream sensations, but as always with these big festivals (five stages at this one) there’s enough to warrant a day in the park – my money is on day one which brings out local favorites WHAI, Gangzi, Shanren, Miserable Faith, and Cui Jian. Tickets are 150 a day, or 300 for a three-day pass. Check out the full schedule below.

October 1st (Tuesday)

Kirin Stage

15:00—15:45 Baishaonan白少楠

16:05—16:50 Chochukmo 触执毛(HK)

17:10—17:55 Sound Fragment 声音碎片

18:15—19:00 Ellen Loo 卢凯彤(HK)

19:30—20:30 Miserable Faith痛仰

21:00—22:00 Cui Jian 崔健

Golden Stage

14:00—14:30 Yxain Inner Mongolian Band音和思琴

14:45—15:15 Nower乐队

15:30—16:10 WHAI乐队

16:30—17:10 Remnant of Volition意志残存

17:30—18:30 Gangzi 刚子

19:00—19:40 Shanren 山人乐队

20:00—21:00 Ergun 额尔古纳

Sina Music Stage

14:10—14:55 Billow’s Fairy Tale波澜童话

15:10—15:55 Stolen 秘密行动

16:10—16:55 Amber 琥珀

17:10—17:55 Zhang Xuan 张萱

18:15—19:00 Mr. Graceless 不优雅先生

19:20—20:05 TooKoo

20:25—21:10 AV Okubo AV大久保乐队

Young Stage

14:00—14:30 Snowman雪人先生

14:50—15:20 京P.318

15:40—16:10 Lady First

16:30—17:00 CDBox CD盒

17:20—17:50 Chenmi沉迷

18:10—18:40 Time Capsule时光胶囊

19:00—19:40 Gear Rubber齿轮橡皮

20:00—20:40 Emitter发射器

October 2nd (Wednesday)

Kirin Stage

15:00—15:45 Zhao Wei赵卫指行者与周劲松

16:05—16:50 Gao Mingjun & Band 高明骏&乐队

17:10—17:55 Blended Brew (Denmark)

18:15—19:00 Lao Lang老狼

19:30—20:30 Zhihua Zheng郑智化(Taiwan)

21:00—22:00 Michael Zhen 郑钧

Golden Stage

14:00—14:30 FTKMS 发条卡目索

14:45—15:15 Chinatown唐人街

15:30—16:10 Red Berry红色浆果

16:30—17:10 Maya玛雅

17:30—18:30 Apollo 18(South Korea)

19:00—19:40 梁旭三时

20:00—21:00 Haya哈雅

Sina Music Stage

14:10—14:55 Elenore

15:10—15:55 Larry\’s Pizza

16:10—16:55 The Fuzz

17:10—17:55 RollingBowling

18:15—19:00 48V

19:20—20:05 Casino Demon赌鬼

20:25—21:10 Muma & Third Party木玛&THIRD PARTY

Young Stage

14:00—14:30 Nicotine Big Bang尼古丁大爆炸

14:50—15:20 Muppet 布偶乐队

15:40—16:10 Dizzy Monkey

16:30—17:00 Space Sonic

17:20—17:50 Anar石榴

18:10—18:40 Dream Garden理想后花园

19:00—19:40 Summer Tribe夏日部落

20:00—20:40 Black Mint 黑薄荷

October 3rd (Thursday)

Kirin Stage

15:00—15:45 Skyscraper 摩天楼

16:05—16:50 Tiantang 天堂乐队

17:10—17:55 Exile Parade(UK)

18:15—19:00 Shui Mu Nian Hua 水木年华

19:30—20:30 Yida 黄义达(Singapore)

21:00—22:00 Tengger 腾格尔

Golden Stage

14:00—14:30 Anar乐队

14:45—15:15 Shuoguojiugu 说果九古

15:30—16:10 Nine Treasures九宝

16:30—17:10 The Tribe部落乐队

17:30—18:30 Chenianpo车撵坡

19:00—19:40 Bottlesmoker(Indonesia )

20:00—21:00 Hanggai杭盖

Sina Music Stage

14:10—14:55 Big Wave大波浪

15:10—15:55 CNDY

16:10—16:55 Lost Trains丢火车

17:10—17:55 Saving Molly

18:15—19:00 Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen浪荡绅士

19:20—20:05 A-si 阿肆

20:25—21:10 Kulu梁晓雪

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