Upcoming: Breaking The Ice 薄冰 @ Yuyintang 2021.01.023

今年一月,我们如履薄冰,在不同的音乐类型之间反复跳跃,因为Live China Music和育音堂的目标是用高能的数学摇滚、错乱的合成器音乐和低调的梦幻流行填满你的音乐调色板,用多元化的阵容给你惊喜,是的–你最好相信我们带你去的地方。首先是苏州,这里是新晋Shoegaze乐队Clay Doll的所在地–这支三人乐队自从在StreetVoice发行了首张EP之后,就掀起波澜。代表上海的是两支在风格光谱两端却各具特色的乐队。器乐摇滚乐队大七乐团将地下休息室的爵士乐混入数学摇滚乐中–将原本舒服的即兴片段变成了精心设计的曲目,充满了离奇节奏和半理性音乐,让人头晕目眩。同时,BurgerSuicideClub从上海光怪陆离的俱乐部场景中孕育出来,他们将脉动的合成器、硬朗的工业节拍、咒语以及其他任何灵光乍现的东西混合在一起–一种原力,也是每个疯狂派对夜的必备通关秘笈。

This January, we’re shaking loose on thin ice with this wildly diverse lineup geared to turn heads as we jump from recklessly from genre to genre as Live China Music and Yuyintang aim to expand your sound palette with a stimulating blend of stirring math rock, synth-infused delirium and lo-fi dream pop. Yeah – you better believe we’re going places tonight. First up, Suzhou where rising shoegaze act Clay Doll resides – the three-piece band has been making waves since their debut EP release with StreetVoice – a washed-out reverb-heavy cocktail of melodic delicacy and simmering distortion, both tender and propulsive. Representing Shanghai are two bands with distinctive sounds on opposite ends of the spectrum. Instrumental rock outfit Da Seven 大七乐团, bring an underground lounge room jazz approach to math rock – turning what could have easily been mellow jams sessions into elaborate off-kilter arrangements chock full of offbeat time signatures and robust musicality that’ll have your head spinning. Meanwhile, BurgerSuicideClub are bred out of Shanghai’s twisted and cutting-edge club scene, mixing pulsating synths with hard-hitting industrial beats, mantras, and whatever else crosses their mind – a force of nature and the kind of wild card every evening should have.

LiveChinaMusic presents Breaking The Ice 薄冰

Date 时间

01月23日 20:30pm

Line Up 阵容

Clay Doll

Da Seven 大七乐团



Yuyintang 育音堂 (凯旋店)


Presale 预售 70 / Door 现场 90


Clay Doll

Shoegaze/Dream Pop

CLAY DOLL乐队从不掩饰自己对“吉他噪音声墙”美学的喜爱,在各类风格中提炼自己的噪音,并极力保留属于音乐本来的动听。在歌词的创作上,绝大多数情况下专注于一些冷静的意象,收拢扩散的情感,刻意回避了露骨的诉说,这也和所谓的“自赏”派不谋而合。 

CLAY DOLL never hides their love for the aesthetics of the “guitar noise sound wall”.They refine their noises in various styles and try their best to retain the original sound of music.In the creation of lyrics, in most cases, they focuses on some calm images, gathers the diffused emotions, and deliberately avoids explicit statements.This also coincides with the so-called “shoegazing” faction.

Da Seven 大七乐团

Math Rock/Indie

我们成立于2016年, 阵容是贝斯、键盘和鼓, 从今往后,我们终于加上吉他 结合了器乐、后摇的Math Rock,在从三人组变为四人组之后,乐队的呈现手段也日趋多样化,甚至加入了人声。但追求有趣以及出其不意方向的创作宗旨却一直未变,无论是奇数拍还是多声部的旋律穿插,都是一件令他们感觉快乐的事情。 

Math rock gets high on jazz as Da Seven gives their instruments an alter ego of rhythmic swagger as they lay out their intricately assembled songs full of offbeat time signature, soothing melodies, and intertwining phrases, throwing one unexpected curveball after another.







Born out of Shanghai’s twisted and cutting-edge club scene, BurgerSuicideClub furiuosly blend pulsating synths with hard-hitting industrial beats, spoken-word poetry, and whatever else crosses their mind, crafting a sound that’s wholly its own. 

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