Upcoming: ‘Around The Bend’ – Pool of Light, Zafka, Li Jianhong (DDC 2019.06.14)

This June, Live Beijing Music and Jingweir welcome Siberia-born, Shandong-based ambient artist Anton Bogdanov aka Pool of Light. The one-man, multi-instrumentalist utilizes an arsenal of components to form his sound including; guitars, bows, zhongruan, drums, vocal loops, and other tools to lead the listener on a pilgrimage of trancelike meditations. These elements infuse and transform into hypnotic drones which engulf the ears in a bath of sound. Since his emergence on the scene two years ago, he has been consistently releasing material and racking up accolades within China and beyond, all the while honing his skills and coming out of the woodwork to share his transcendent music. Listening to Pool of Light’s live arrangements provide the audience an unparalleled experience.

Supporting Pool of Light will be some of Beijing’s most arch and distinctive artists in the electronic and experimental realm – Zafka and Li Jianhong. The former, Zafka, aka Zhang Anding, the Beijing-based sound artist, experimental musician, and “youth culture expert” wowed us twice last year with two stellar releases on Shanghai’s emerging play rec label, demonstrating the artist’s penchant for ‘playing outside the box’ and taking every opportunity to take a sound and twist it on its head – it is electronic music that is not afraid to have a little anarchic fun on its way to the dancefloor. Meanwhile, Li Jianhong’s weapon of choice is the electric guitar – which the veteran noise artist uses to breathe vengeful life into his sets through his uniquely drone-heavy, shred-full, gut-wailing brand of guitar improvisation – a psychedelic swirl of mayhem and inception that is always a wonder to behold.

时间/Time: Friday, June 14th 9:00pm

2019614 21:00

门票/Ticket: 60 RMB (advance)/80 RMB (door)

60(预售票) 80(现场票)

地点/Venue: DDC

地址/ADD: 北京市东城区美术馆后街山老胡同14

Shanlao Hutong NO. 14, Dongcheng District

阵 容/Line up:

Pool of Light (Shandong)


Li Jianhong李剑鸿

POOL OF LIGHT (Shandong/ambient/drone)

Pool of light is drone/psychedelic project by Anton, a musician currently residing in China. His music is mostly focused on subconsciousness material, tranquility states and search for inner awareness. Influenced by projects like Barn Owl, Stars of the Ld, Kawabata Makoto solo works and gagaku music, it contains large parts of improvisational, cosmic and folk-drone elements. Being active for 2 years by now, the project released 3 albums and few EPs on different labels.

Pool of light 是一位来自俄罗斯乐手Anton的蜂鸣/迷幻/氛围计划。他的音乐基于自觉和安详寻找,潜意识状态研究,同时具有一些东方审美。深受了 Barn owl, Stars of the lid, 河端一个人计划和雅乐影响, Pool of light 以即兴和太空loop感觉为主来进行现场演奏。到目前为止,计划已经做了2年,通过几个国际厂牌发行了3张专辑和几个EP(数字,CD,磁带格式)。参与过豆瓣公告牌之外演出系列,和大连RUINING一起举办过中国东北巡演。

Bandcamp: https://pooloflight.bandcamp.com/

Xiami: https://www.xiami.com/artist/2110244859

ZAFKA (Beijing/electronic/experimental)

Zafka (Zhang Anding) is a sound artist, experimental musician, youth cultural expert, and co-founder of Youthology, a leading youth research and consultancy company in China. Zafka advocates the political listening of urban sounds, as well as the urban micro-acoustic geography practice based on walking/listening/researching. He published electro-acoustic albums “Who’s Utopia”, “YONG◎HE” and “I·Mirror” based on online and offline field recordings. In recent years, Zafka has devoted into the new sound culture landscape driven by social media and mobile Internet, and turned to the creation combining sound writing, sound theater performance and sound installation. His works “Parasitic Life / Sound”, “Ruins of Voices” and “Fieldworks” has been exhibited. Since the fall of 2016, Zafka has started to create electronic music. After released a live set recording album “The First Two Shots” , he published “The Abraham’s Machine”, “The Wild Ark” in Play Rec label as the first two alums of his “The Great Plains Trilogy”. A long time ago, Zafka was the guitarist of the Prague band, one of the earliest and leading post-rock bands in China.

Zafka(张安定): 声音艺术家,实验音乐人。青年文化研究者,青年志联合创始人。Zakfa主张城市声响的政治学聆听,以及基于行走/听音/研究的城市微观声响地理实践,出版【谁的乌托邦】,【雍◎和】和【I·Mirror】等多张基于田野录音的电子原音唱片。 近年,Zafka 开始关注社会化媒体和移动互联网驱动的新声音文化景观,转向声响写作,声响剧场表演与声音装置等多媒介形式融合的创作,完成【寄生/声】,【声墟】以及【田野】等作品,参加了中国声音大展香港站,OCAT 声音分裂展演系列,以及中国美术学院“迷因城市”首届跨媒体艺术节等展览和演出。2016 年秋至今,Zafka 开始电子音乐创作和演出,出版了【The First Two Shots】硬件现场录音专辑,以及“大平原三部曲”的前两张专辑【亚伯拉罕的机器】和【荒舟】。很早以前,Zafka 还是布拉格乐队的吉他手。

Bandcamp: https://playreclabel.bandcamp.com/album/the-wild-ark

Xiami: https://www.xiami.com/album/9cFx5hf199b

Li Jianhong剑鸿(Beijing/guitar noise/experimental)

Guitar demi-god Li Jianhong, whose drone-heavy, shredful, gut-wailing brand of guitar improv is always a wonder to behold, who’ll turn his guitar into a perpetual motion machine of sound, swaying his entire body to the layers of noise, making you scream out in delight as he gives a curling vengeful noise sacrifice to the guitar deities above.

领衔中国最重要的前卫音乐/即兴音乐十多年,中国最杰出的即兴创作和表演艺术家之一。他演奏的至高点在于震耳欲聋的沉默和灾难之间。他分别于2002年和2007年在杭州和上海组织了二皮音乐节(2pi Festival),6年来,二皮音乐节一直被认为是亚洲地下音乐节的最终之最。

Article: https://daily.bandcamp.com/2019/01/08/li-jianhong-experimental-guitar-guide/

Bandcamp: https://wvsorcerer.bandcamp.com/album/1969

Douban: https://site.douban.com/lijianhong/