Upcoming: 9.18 C’s ▶ The Ravages 2021 Tour

The Ravages are a garage/trash/psych band from Beijing with members from a variety of local bands (Boss Cuts, SHA!, Oldy Baby, PoetryXMusic). 

Their sound hits on The Cramps, Black Lace, and other bands they don’t think they sound like. Filthy fuzz, roaring reverb, obtrusive organ, busty beats and catchy overkill might describe them, both on record (out soon) and stage.

Supporting the band for their Shanghai stop will be none other than Round Eye, the ‘malformed spawn of doo-wop, punk and free-jazz’ whose depravity knows no bounds, and Nantong renegades AIRSEX, who will be feverishly pogoing from jagged new wave to pummeling 80s street punk with the swashbuckling energy of a band with nothing to lose.

Best of all — The Ravages have teamed up with OG Beijing craft beer purveyors Great Leap Brewery for a special beer for the tour – The Ravages IPA. It’s tasty as all hell and for tonight only, it’ll be available behind the bar at C’s for a very special price – 100RMB (120 RMB door) for free flow! Bliss! 

The Ravages是一支由4个外国人组成的,来自北京的车库/垃圾/迷幻乐队,来自各个京城乐队(Boss Cuts、SHA!、Oldy Baby、PoetryXMusic)。 

在他们的音乐中,可以找到 The Cramps、Black Lace 和其他他们认为完全不像的乐队的影子。他们的曲风可以形容为:肮脏的模糊、咆哮的混响、突兀的风琴、丰满的节拍和朗朗上口的杀伤力。无论是在唱片中(即将推出)还是在舞台上,都能得到来自他们的此番体验。

乐队将在八月开始三城巡演,除了专辑磁带,乐队还准备了一款特殊的啤酒——The Ravages IPA。

The Ravages IPA是大跃啤酒为乐队专门定制的一款啤酒,将在此次巡演中由大跃啤酒全程赞助提供。

The Ravages 2021 Tour 巡演计划

Date 时间

09月18日 9pm

Line Up 阵容

The Ravages (BJ)

Round Eye



Boss Cuts (BJ)

DJ Fancy Hobo


C’s Bar 

685 Dingxi Lu 定西路685号



Free Flow ‘The Ravages IPA’ Ticket

Presale 预售 100 / Door 现场 120


The Ravages (北京)

The Ravages即将发布首张同名全长专辑,风格涵盖了车库,Alternative,迷幻。绒毛般的法兹吉他,大段的失真风琴Riff和Solo,以及粗粝复古的混音风格,令人想到了上个世纪七十年代的迷幻车库摇滚风潮,以及九十年代的那批Grunge乐队。

Proto-punk garage rockers The Ravages, assembled by some of the Beijing’s music most active delinquents, including the gruff, unhinged and boisterous singer and guitarist Nathan Borofka, throw caution to the wind with their carnivalesque beer-soaked rock and roll. A psychedelic roller coaster ride coated in layers of fuzz, driving organ riffs and mischievous fun.   


AIRSEX(空中特技队),非知名醉酒朋克,音乐气质明显受到上个世纪70、80年代英国朋克和新浪潮时代音乐的影响, 2019年下半年阵容稳定后,开始疯狂演出,在国内各种朋克场景中,都能看到他们喝得东倒西歪演出的德性。以前他们好像有个很招摇的名字,但据乐队成员说,他们把那一横从原来的名字里砍下来拿去买了酒。

Nantong firecrackers AIRSEX! If the name didn’t give it away, these cats are a ball of giddy fun – a band that furiously blends everything from British punk, post-punk and synth-pop with reckless abandon and beer-soaked charisma. They’ve been slowly infecting Shanghai’s music scene over the past year and will be releasing their debut later this year.



Round Eye

Round Eye这帮实验怪咖朋克乐队自2012年组建以来获得了响亮而别致的名声。这个上海的团队在音乐创作中斗志满满、坚韧不拔,更是成为了架起东西半球的朋克摇滚之间桥梁的中坚力量。他们一边在全球各地进行了精彩的巡演,一边在中国大陆多次巡演并接待到了许多到访演出的西方团结和音乐巨擘,与他们进行合作或同台演出。他们曾与Descendents、The Fleshtones、MDC、Verbal Abuse、Mike Watt + The Missingmen、D.O.A.、 The FUs、The Boys (UK)、Paul Collins Beat、Twink、Ceremony、Iceage和一些西方大咖例如P.K.14、SMZB、SUBS、Hang on the Box(挂在盒子上)等。

Round Eye参演过世界各地的音乐节,他们的音乐风格混合了50年代的R&B,自由爵士和朋克,他们与Greg Ginn(Black Flag乐手)合作录制。2014年由Ripping Records发行了饱受争议和赞誉的EP《Full Circle。2016年发行的LP《Round Eye》参与的大牌更多,他们与Steve Macay(Iggy Pop & The Stooges,Violent Femmes乐手)以及Lo-Fi传奇R. Stevie Moore进行合作。2016年由Sudden Death Records发行LP《Monstervison》,其中的一部分由P.K.14的杨海松录制于北京,一部分由李伟宇录制于上海并由《The Daily Show》的恐怖电影脱口秀主持Joe Bob Briggs叙述。

他们的新专辑《Culture Shock Treatment》由Minutemen的Mike Watt担任制作人,由来自Black Flag、Descen和ALL的Bill Stevenson混音,并由Vicent Fiorello(Less Than Jake乐手)和Plastick Records发行。他们为这张专辑付出了很多努力,并将主题放在了他们的大本营——中华人民共和国上。

Round Eye经常被与The Stooges,Captain Beefheart,Dr. Feelgood,The Fall和Butthole Suffers相提并论,但是他们最后还是会被认为是独树一帜,别具一格。本夏他们原计划在欧洲、日本、中国以及英国Rebellion音乐节巡演,但是由于新型冠状病毒流感,他们的行程推迟到了2021年。今年,让我们期待一下他们的新专辑《Culture Shock Treatment》,两支新的音乐视频和在中国内地的演出。

Round Eye is the sexiest, hairiest and loudest band in China! The freakish malformed spawn of doo-wop, punk and free-jazz, we seek to help audiences across the globe ascend into a nirvana of noise, weirdness and sax-powered mayhem. With a psychotic live act that may or may not feature nudity/body paint/destruction/degeneracy this band is not for the faint of heart and not to be missed.


Boss Cuts (北京)

Bust out the facekinis and do the shimmy, the swim, the mashed potato, the twist, and the watusi to 1950s and ’60s rockabilly, surf, garage, jazz, soul and funk. Boss Cuts is a collector of 45s from the United States, Australia, Italy and Japan and has performed at Temple, DADA, Fruityspace, School and 4 Corners and has supported acts such as DJ Andy Smith, Habibi Funk, Liars and Carl Barat from the Libertines.

现在,就请揭掉你防晒用的面具,让飘散在雾霾之上的紫外线从皮肤径直照射进你我灵魂,随着1950和1960年代的山区乡村摇滚, 车库摇滚, 爵士, 灵魂乐,放克和土豆泥跳起希米舞步,与瓦图西族共同扭动腰肢。Boss Cuts网罗美国,澳洲,意大利, 日本等地最牛逼冲浪原盘,45s和12”,在Temple,Dada,Fruityspace, School 和4 Corners等地有过精彩呈现。同时,他还曾以嘉宾身份与诸如DJ Andy Smith, Habibi Funk, Liars以及来自Libertines的。

DJ Fancy Hobo



The fanciest of hobos….playing you a down and dirty assortment of underground Chinese rock

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