Upcoming: 8.07 C’s|LiveChinaMusic presents Summer Daze

Live China Music teams up with C’s with an evening of dangerously alluring tunes that’ll leave you dazed – a sweltering late summer blast of volatile indie rock, topsy-turvy post punk and morbid pop music courtesy of three local acts that leave nothing on the table.

Leading the charge are Naohai, known for their rugged indie rock that’s volatile, lean and filled with buoyant post-punk breakdowns, noise rock reverberations, and atmospheric post rock crescendos chiseled with soaring musicality. 

Joining them will be the ever-delightful and decadent audiovisual tag team COOLFASHIONMUSIC., who utilize everything from text-based live-coding to retro keyboards and even a musical saw to flesh out their twisted morbid ‘pop music’.

Rounding out the evening are up and coming post punk trio The Third Toe, who have stripped down the genre to its bare essential, finding satirical buoyancy among the simmering synths, steady bass, and charging drums. 

The party continues late into the night with Beijing vinyl wrangler ADDJ hitting the decks with the help of Florida Man and Compact Dicks. 

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