Upcoming: 7.29 Yuyintang| Dog Days 三伏天

The dog days of summer are here! Like the muggy air that permeates over the season, a fog of loneliness descends over the city – a romantic melancholy that sucks the moisture out of the air and leaves you dazed. It’s a feeling we’ve come to endure like clockwork every summer – a feeling that we should resist but one we give into, and in many cases embrace. It’s a bittersweet divinity whose only release comes from the faint breeze of the fan on the back of our necks. Or better yet, from the songs that charge headfirst into those turbulent emotions.


Live China Music revisits that adolescent exuberance and youthful vitality with a rocking evening of earnest melodies and distorted fervor courtesy of a trio of bands all too familiar with plodding through the dog days of summer.  

Live China Music为你带来充满少年心气的一夜。来自上海和杭州的三支乐队,都有着最真诚直接的旋律和对于失真的狂热。他们深谙如何用音乐来度过漫长的三伏天。


Leading the way are rising emo rock outfit Autumn Rush, who have been digging their adolescent fingernails into Hangzhou for over a year. via four-piece band autumngo (I’m pushing for Autumn Rush). There’s a directness to the angst-ridden nevertheless starry-eyed melodies the resilient group have cooked up – an undeniable spring in their step that’s wistful and hard to resist. 

年轻的Me & My Sandcastle将首次亮相育音堂的舞台,同时也是乐队主唱小刘出国留学之前,今年的最后一场演出。他们的音乐中捕捉到一种收敛、松散又脆弱的声音,就像是羽毛在空中漂浮——在少一些玩世不恭的Mac DeMarco和慢拍的city pop乐队之间,乐队创作出属于自己的带有一点漫不经心和动人音符的诚挚旋律。 

The night will also see the youthful Me & My Sandcastle, performing for the last time this year before its frontman, Xiao Liu, ventures across the ocean to continue his studies.  Capturing a sound that’s unassuming, loose, delicate and lite as a feather – a cross between a more sincere Mac Demarco and a slow tempo city pop band, there’s an earnestness to the bands indifferent swagger and melodic charm. 

最后介绍的是Flip House——一支”Y2K 流行朋克以及 Midwest-emo 的融合体,并附上抓耳的旋律以及中英语混合双打的戳心歌词”的乐队。愤怒的、宣泄的、苦乐参半的、充满节奏感,交杂着支离破碎的、不稳定的情感漩涡、音乐性和活力,可能会让你怀念我们抛在过去的混乱时光。Let the summertide suck you in! 这一晚,让我们一起投入夏天的怀抱。

Rounding out the lineup are Flip House –  a ‘blend of Y2K pop-punk and Midwest emo featuring catchy chants and bleeding heart lyrics in Chinese and English’ whose angst-ridden, cathartic and bittersweet sound if full of rhythmic aplomb – a scrappy, volatile swirl of emotions, musicianship, and vigor that might just make you nostalgic for the messy times we (thought we) left behind. 

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