Upcoming: 3rd CNHC Festival


The China Hardcore Festival returns for it’s third year in a row – yup, time to bust out the caps, grease those elbows, and ready yourself for some intense, cathartic moshing. What I’ve always loved about these hardcore shows is how ‘in your face’ these bands are. There’s nothing subtle about the music they’re making – it’s direct, bare, and expulsive. It’s like an Evangelical sermon crossed with a bunch of disenfranchised skater kids – and that my friends, is kinda awesome. The third incarnation will take place at Mako Livehouse in Shuangjing this Saturday, August 23rd, and will feature twelve bands for a long afternoon/evening mosh, including Hong Kong hardcore leaders King Lychee, New York straight edgers xPassagex (that’s what the x’s are for kids), Shanghai mainstays Loudspeaker and Spill Your Guts, and of course a slew of Beijing representatives – hey they even threw in punk outfit Demerit for good measure. Best prepare yourself folks, as this is gonna be probably the most you’ve worked out your whole life. Prepare to shed some skin. Check out the details..

What: 3rd CNHC Festival

Where/When: Mako Livehouse, 3pm       

Ticket: 120 RMB (presale), 150 RMB (door)


King Lychee


Unregenerate Blood

Return the Truth

xIt Never Happenedx

Resist Control

Spill Your Guts

Saving Molly

The Last Resort

Own Up



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