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Alright, so caught a little slack for not releasing the Strawberry Lineup immediately and waiting for the other trojans to get a stab at it first – but screw it, have to wait another week for Game of Thrones anyway so here it is. The 2014 MIDI Music Festival lineup has been released folks and as per usual it\’s chock full of MIDI regulars, which, depending on who you are, might be flipping rad or ragingly dull. Your choice? Oh, and an alarming number of Danish bands. Personally, while Strawberry may bag the better bands, MIDI makes up for it twenty fold with their attitude and spirit. No long lines, no lame security, none of that nonsense – just friendly people, enthusiastic bands, and a shit ton of flags. It\’s being held out by  Kuangbiao Paradise near the west 6th ring road, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on how the hell to get out there. Tickets can be grabbed here for a cheap 120 RMB (per sale) per day or a 300 RMB three-day pass. Looking pretty good folks. Check out the full schedule below.

 May 1st

UN-TANG STAGE (联合国-唐舞台)
14:00-14:30       Lost Train 丢火车
14:50-15:20       Rolling Bowling 旋转保龄
15:40-16:10       LMT Connection (CA)
16:30-17:10       Dawanggang 大忘杠
18:30-19:10       Yaksa 夜叉
19:30-20:30       Larry Graham & GCS (US)
20:50-21:30      XTX 谢天笑
14:20-14:50       The Big Wave 大波浪
15:50-16:30       Broke (DK)
16:50-17:20       Sound Toy 声音玩具
17:40-18:20       Masterplan (DE)
18:40-19:20       Nova Heart
19:40-20:20       Liquid Oxygen Can 液氧罐头
21:00-22:00       Suede (UK)
13:00-13:30       Loulan Box 楼兰盒子
13:50-14:20       Penicillin 盘尼西林
14:40-15:10       Dark Haze 霾晦
15:30-16:00       The Bennies (AU)
16:20-16:50       Saving Molly 拯救茉莉
17:10-17:40       Wang Weima 王喂马
18:00-18:30       Naty (KR)
18:50-19:20       Dongzi 冬子
19:40-20:10       Sonar Lights (US)
20:30-21:00       Misandao 蜜三刀
JÄGER-YUAN STAGE (野格-元  电子舞台)
14:00-15:30       Beekoo
15:30-17:00       X.Lee
17:00-18:30       Ouyang
18:30-20:00       Eddie Lv
20:00-21:30       Oshi

May 2nd

UN-TANG STAGE (联合国-唐舞台)
14:00-14:30       Toy Captain 玩具船长
14:50-15:20       Island Mood 岛屿心情
15:40-16:10       Noukilla (MA)
16:30-17:10       Tomahawk 战斧
17:40-18:20       Orphaned Land (IS)
18:50-19:30       Muma 木玛
20:00-20:40       Lacrimas Profundere (DE)
21:20-22:00       Miserable Faith 痛仰
14:20-14:50       Velvet Highway 丝绒公路
15:10-15:40       The Randy Able Stable (US)
16:00-16:30       Steely Heart 钢铁的心
16:50-17:20       Emergency Gate (DE)
17:40-18:20       Iron Kite 铁风筝
18:40-19:20       Evocation (HK)
19:40-20:20       AK-47
20:40-21:20       Bubble Beatz (SW)
13:00-13:30       Sucker
13:50-14:20       Zakka 左卡
14:40-15:10       Zuo Bin 左斌
15:30-16:00       Larry\’s Pizza
16:20-16:50       WHAI
17:10-17:40       The Shamans 萨满
18:00-18:30      The Falling 堕天
18:50-19:20       Red Robe 大红袍
19:40-20:10       Anthelion 幻日 (TW)
20:30-21:00       A.J.K. 玉麟军
JÄGER-YUAN STAGE (野格-元  电子舞台)
14:00-15:30       Shen Yue
15:30-17:00       Eric Lee
17:00-18:30       Poppy
18:30-20:00       Yang Bing
20:00-21:30       Mickey Zhang

May 3rd

 UN-TANG STAGE  (联合国-唐舞台)
14:00-14:30       Nine Treasures 九宝
14:50-15:20       LYS (FR)
15:40-16:10       Namo 南无
16:30-17:10       Los Amigos
17:40-18:20       Zhao Lei 赵雷
18:50-19:30       Sound Fragment 声音碎片
20:00-20:40       Twisted Machine 扭曲机器
21:20-22:00       Escape Plan 逃跑计划
14:20-14:50       Bubble Beatz (SW)
15:10-15:40       Twinkle Star 闪星
16:00-16:30       Won 萬重
16:50-17:20       Elliot The Bull (AU)
17:40-18:20       Suffocated 窒息
18:40-19:20       Subs
19:40-20:20       Bonaparte (SW)
20:40-21:20       Reflector 反光镜
13:00-13:30       Black Bohe 黑薄荷(2013 Tiger Battle of Bands Winner)
13:50-14:20       Chenmi 沉迷(2013 MIDI School Contest Winner)
14:40-15:10       Nuoerman 诺尔
15:30-16:00       Feng Tian 奉天
16:20-16:50       The Ignition (DE)
17:10-17:40       Ego Fall 颠覆M
18:00-18:30       Flat Foot (SE)
18:50-19:20       Residence A (A公馆) 
19:40-20:10       D.O.A.(CA)
20:30-21:00       Sick Pupa 病蛹
JÄGER-YUAN STAGE ( 野格-元  电子舞台)
14:00-15:30       Baozi
15:30-17:00       Harry Ho
17:00-18:30       Jerryson Tsui
18:30-20:00       Jerry K
20:00-21:30       Dio

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