Upcoming: 2014 JUE Festival


UPDATE: Lots of new developments with JUE Festival including the sad cancellation of the Acid Mother Temple show, the much welcomed addition of Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo, Jingweir\’s second issue release, and much much more – check back again next week for more updates

The JUE Festival has long been one of the years’ highlights and for good reason – they simply reign supreme the entire month of March with event after event, never content with just throwing their weight around one genre or taste palate – simply put, they deliver the goods. The 6th JUE Festival looks no different – chalk full of talent, both local and international, including post modern US electronic composer Baths, Japanese psychedelic ‘soul collective’ Acid Mother Temple, and Xian post punks poppers The Fuzz (only in Shanghai), to name a few. Jump below for the musical lineup thus far, and be sure to check their homepage for a complete schedule, including film screenings, photography workshops and much more.


Friday March 7th

Hualun, Glow Curve at Yugong Yishan

After the cancellation of Acid Mother Temple – Spilt Works has recruited Wuhan post rockers Hualun to bring the pain along with mathy post rockers Glow Curve. 70 RMB


Saturday March 8th

Warm-Up to JUE Market at Balance Art 

The creative spring fair will kick-off this 6th edition of JUE, showcasing all the events to come and inviting specialty vendors to sell their wares. Expect everything from creative handicrafts to this year’s newest fashion designs. The JUE Market will also be home to a variety of interactive artworks, installations, mouth-watering foodies, and spontaneous gigs throughout the day. 12 pm start.

Pictureplane w/ DJ Caution, Heatwolves at Dada

“Pictureplane’s punk rock-like approach to the production and spreading of his work is democratizing electronic music in the same way the Ramones, Minor Threat, and Black Flag liberated rock music in the 70s and 80s. His appearance in China couldn’t be timelier, with the electronic scene here making serious noises.” 50 RMB



“In 2011, MONSTER CAT released their debut EP , which reached listeners in over 198 countries. In a short few years, the Singapore-based band has been voted Artist Of The Week on MTV’s global indie music site; opened for UK livewire act the Noisettes, recorded with Steve Lillywhite (U2, The Killers, The Rolling Stones) and even earned a shoutout from industry guru Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones.” 50 RMB

Sunday March 9th

Liu Yusi Green Biking Talk + Concert at Jianghu Bar

Singer-songwriter Liu Yusi will talk about how he came up with the idea of touring on bicycle in support of various grassroots non-profit projects, and also his actual experiences when venturing forth on his epic journeys. So far he has organised trips in Australia (Sydney to Melbourne) and China (Beijing to Shanghai). Yusi will also talk about what he learned from these two trips – new understandings of grassroots activism, different social values and the connection between social culture and the natural environment. Followed by a intimate musical performance. 30 RMB


Tuesday March 11th


Baths at Mao Livehouse

“Three years ago, Baths dropped his startlingly beautiful debut, Cerulean. Released on Anticon, the record blurred the line between post-modern pop and the LA beat scene with devastating emotional clarity. Following the success of his first album, Baths spent much of the next year touring to progressively larger audiences. On just his second album, Baths exhibits what only a few artists are capable of: painting in any shade they desire.” 80 RMB

Wednesday March 12th


And So I Watch You From Afar  at Mao Livehouse

“You’d be forgiven for thinking a band with such a long name were of the post-rock variety; in the case of the Irish rockers that make up And So I Watch You From Afar [ASIWYFA] their songs pack a raw punk-rock punch. The band members, joining forces in 2005, have come a long way since departing their seaside resort town in Portrush, Northern Ireland. They’ve been touring all over the world – and yes they’re back for another whirlwind China experience. Expect driving rhythms and soaring guitar-driven melody lines.” 80/120 RMB

Friday March 14th

Douban Showcase at XP

Saturday March 15th


Paul Collins’ Beat w/ Round Eye, Mr. Graceless, Bedstars at Yugong Yishan

“The Beat was founded by Paul Collins, who spent his pre-teens living in Greece, Vietnam and Europe before returning to his native New York. He studied at the prestigious Julliard Music School and eventually moved to San Francisco where he joined songwriter Jack Lee and bassist Peter Case to form The Nerves in 1974. The Nerves proved to be one of the pioneers of the burgeoning US punk rock scene, independently releasing their own 4 song EP which included the classic “Hanging on the Telephone,” later to become a hit for Blondie.  In March 2014, Paul Collins will be coming to tour China for the very first time. The tour is organized by the same people who brought MOTO and Daikaiju to China. This is a chance to see a true legend and punk pioneer whose influence is recognized by bands such as Green Day” 60/80 RMB


Lee Ranaldo x Leah Singer Sight/Unseen at Inter Gallery

Sight/Unseen is a multimedia performance work presented by Lee Ranaldo – one of the founding members of Sonic Youth – and his wife Leah Singer. The project was first premiered at Nuit Blanche 2010 in Toronto, and has since been performed worldwide at key arts events including; The Rotterdam Film Festival, Cote Court festival in Paris, Contour Festival, and arte.mov Belo Horizonte. 120/150 RMB

Sound Stage – Music and Space at Zen-Living Art Space

Take a time out and find your Zen state, with this special event that has been curated by Neemah (尼玛乐队) frontman Namu. Expect world music, tea and chilled vibes. Zhen Difei (甄镝霏) will lead the performers, which include Lucy (露西儿) on zither, Namu (那木) on guitar, Zhang Di (张笛) on flute and Yang Dong (杨冬) on percussion. 160/200 RMB

Friday March 21st

Jingweir Zine Vol. 2 Issue 2 Launch Party at XP

We are supporting a release party for Beijing DIY magazineJingweir (Capital Taste), which will feature music performances by local artists and DJs, along with visual displays. This event will be for Volume 2 Issue 2 of the zine, which will be given to every attendee. 30/40 RMB (comes with zine)


Blak Twang w/ Conrank, Misloop, Shackup at Lantern

“Having released classic albums now lost to corporate slapsticks and an apathetic UK scene that’s struggled for a long time to get back into gear, Blak Twang is undoubtedly a cornerstone of UK hip-hop. Also known by the name Tony Rotton, this boy is as British as bangers and mash, holding down South London via Birmingham and Manchester. A perennial stage and festival rocker, Twang’s standing stretches back to his revered LPs from the 90s. Inspired by the big smoke, Blak Twang is no nonsense.” 60 RMB


Sunday March 23rd 

Dirge King at Penghao Theater

Dirge King (formerly Chronmaster) ended 2013 with a number of showcases for his self-titled debut, which represents a new incarnation of the artist, musically and otherwise. Better explained by the man himself: ‘What it is is a ragout in every sense. Musically, for sure. Here, have your congas, your synths, insufflation, beats and samples -obviously. Have a little frenetic staccato, a li’l alliteration, and a skosh of crooning. Thematically, ditto. ‘The plan is to return to the plants.’ Only this time it’s not the ‘trees’ you were anticipating.\’ 50 RMB

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