Upcoming: 12.10 C’s ▶ Carpe Diem 及时行乐 Vol. 2

Seize the day! Live China Music returns with their second edition of Carpe Diem next Friday, December 10th to C’s – cooking up once again a full spread of dangerously alluring sounds within the cavernous walls of the legendary venue – honoring the brave souls who venture willingly forth into the neon-coated corridors in search for enlightenment. For the second installment, a blitz of sharp-edged post punk, cold wave and morbid pop music courtesy of SINK, COOLFASIONMUSIC., and Seafill 填海.

Rising indie outfit SINK, bring a steely detached cold wave layering to their steady, churning post punk sound that’s slowing burning and atmospheric – an apt departure from the scene’s most prominent figures – relying instead on its carnivalesque undercurrent that’s foreboding and alluring all at once. 

Joining them will be the ever-delightful and decadent audiovisual tag team COOLFASHIONMUSIC., who utilize everything from text-based live-coding to retro keyboards, and even a musical saw to flesh out their twisted, cynical and morbid ‘pop music’. 

Rounding out the night is fresh-faced post punk outfit Seafill 填海. The young blooded band have been wreaking havoc in university rehearsal spaces across town and now they’re ready to introduce their brooding, confrontational, and propulsive grooves to audiences.

Seize the day! 


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