Upcoming: 10.14 Yuyintang ▶ Autumn Faze 秋天凋谢

As the leaves turn to saffron, crimson, and russet and fall to the ground, eventually fading away back into the soil, Live China Music burrows into the underbelly of Shanghai’s music scene with a bountiful offering of bold new sounds that’ll ignite your senses and lead you into happily into the abyss. Psychedelic, experimental, improvisational, kinetic and sprawling soundscapes that will faze you and leave you in a daze.

当树叶开始变红,落在地上,最终消逝在土壤中时,Live China Music 深入上海独立音乐腹地,带来大量的大胆新声,点燃你的感官,引领你愉快地进入深渊。那些迷幻的、实验的、即兴的、动感的和蔓延的声音景观,将会让你困惑,让你陷入迷茫。

打头的是 Khunathi —— 一支血气方刚的迷幻摇滚乐队,他们把所有的材料扔进搅拌机中:伪造的佛经、化装面具和那真正大胆的节奏。同时在他们的音乐中注入了清脆的迷幻布鲁斯之声,由四人组成的乐队将会带来严谨细致,纵情宣泄的欢乐。

Leading the way are one of Khunathi – a full-blooded psychedelic rock band that throws a bit of everything into the blender – fake Buddhist scriptures, masquerade masks, and some truly audacious grooves – whilst injecting a lean, crisp psych blues sound into their music, captured with meticulous yet riotous glee by the quartet.

与此同时,SINK 乐队正在后朋的阴暗水域中游走,准备将听众丢入到他们意识的深渊中。SINK 的声音好似在阴燃的寒潮边缘,充满了恶意和不确定性,令你踮起脚尖,竖起双耳,保持警觉。

Meanwhile, SINK swims within the murky waters of post punk, plunging listeners into the deep end of their consciousness – bringing a smoldering cold wave edge to their sound that crackles with malice and uncertainty – keeping you on your toes and your ears alert.

在当晚的演出中,An Corporation 是一个由五人组成的器乐摇滚乐队。An Corporation 不是后摇,而是在一种在探索中的,更加参差的声音,他们有着更多的中东巴洛克风格,以及更加迷幻的旋律。从小提琴倍大提琴,都被 An Corporation 吸收融入,他们的编曲十分尖锐,音乐中有一种无畏的疯狂。

Rounding out the night are An Corporation – a five-piece instrumental rock group that’s anything but post rock, exploring a sound more jagged, more Middle Eastern baroque, and more psychedelic. There’s a sharpness to their arrangements – an intrepid madness to their music that tosses in everything from a violin to a double bass into the mix.


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