Upcoming: 1.8 C’s ▶ Carpe Diem 抓紧时间 Vol. 3

Live China Music’s Carpe Diem returns with a vengeance this weekend, welcoming in 2022 with a bang. For the occasion, we’ve rounded up a motley crew of unruly, defiant, and ruthless bands that’ll turn the neon-soaked halls of C’s Bar into a moshpit of wild-eyed debauchery, uproarious disorder, and fist-pumping comradery as Hangzhou punk outfit Against All joins Shanghai’s own hardcore ruffians Rat King, pop punk renegades Taco Tuesday and grunge-inflicted alt rockers Kill Automation. 

LCM主办的Carpe Diem系列演出本周末即将复仇归来,要给2022一记重击。这种局不来几个狠角色就撑不起C’s霓虹饱和的地下角斗场:杭州的朋克乐队Against All将与上海的硬核流氓Rat King、流行朋克新贵Taco Tuesday以及另类摇滚中坚Kill Automation会合。

Special guests for the evening are Hangzhou’s Against All – a no-frills punk band that keeps it authentic – a triumphant rallying call for China’s new generation of punk rockers trying to cut their teeth in the soul-crushing routine of city life, fist defiantly in the air. 

当晚的特别嘉宾是杭州的Against All(对尖),新一代朋克青年的胜利集结号,试图用原味朋克去抵抗吞噬灵魂的城市庸常。 

Joining them will be Taco Tuesday, whose upbeat, frenzied pop punk keeps the energy high and the good times rolling. They’re tight, they’re wiry and seem to be enjoying over second of it – something that’s too often missing in bands these days. 

随后,Taco Tuesday出场。欢乐流行朋克警告!全程高能一秒起蹦!最近这种乐队真不多见。

Combustible hardcore outfit Rat King return! Aggressively in your face, with a mischievous edge that reminds you we’re all here to have some twisted fun, they’re a manic one-hundred-meter dash of blistering rock and roll that’ll leave necks reeling. 

接着,硬核乐队Rat King回归。他们在你面前咄咄逼人,戏谑玩笑,让你在摇滚乐的疯狂百米冲刺之后继续甩头。

Rounding out the evening are grunge-inflicted three-piece alt rockers Kill Automation. Surviving for over three years in the underground rehearsal rooms of Shanghai, rock and roll is in their blood and they intend to collect their due tonight! 

压轴乐队是Kill Automation,低调的另类油渍摇滚三人组,在上海地下排练室蛰伏三年之久,血液流淌的都是摇滚。今晚他们终于要登台了!

Seize the day! 


LiveChinaMusic presents Carpe Diem Vol. 3

Date 时间

01月08日 9pm

Line Up 阵容

Against All 对尖 

Taco Tuesday 

Rat King 

Kill Automation


Florida Man

Thee Baron

DJ Fancy Hobo


C’s Bar

685 Dingxi Lu 定西路685号


60 RMB (w/drink)

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