Mixtape No. 284

Deadly Cradle Death – Super Flying Man (Beijing/Rhyming Slang) THEWEAPONS 聲無哀樂 – 九相图 (Wuhan/Wuhan Prison Records) Yu Su – Futuro (Vancouver/Bie Records) MHP 马海平 – S2 Effect (Shanghai/华宇世博) STOLEN秘密行动 – TURN BLACK (SANKUANZ REMIX) (Chengdu/草台回声) […]


LBM Mixtape No. 222

YEHAIYAHAN – Hold On No More (Shanghai/Alpha Pup Records) Howie Lee – Enter The Tigerwoods 入老虎林 (Beijing/Do Hits!) Flash Beats Bone – Plug-in Feel (Beijing/Ran Music) Heeze – Lego Ship (Chengdu/Babel Records) Zaliva-D – Calling (Beijing/SVBKVLT) Zean – Eyes (Shanghai/FunctionLab) Lofimaker – 触 (Shijiazhuang/Babel Records) […]

New Releases

New Music: Swimful, Zaliva-D, Liu Yiwei

  Swimful – Folding Knives  Shanghai-based producer Swimful has done it again on his triumphant Folding Knives, out on SVBKVLT. Drenched in neon-spiked, emotionally-fraught ambience and luscious futuristic melodies that touches on everything from M83-crossed-with-Final Fantasy world-builders […]


LBM Mixtape No. 200

  AR 刘夫阳 – 开学典礼演讲 (Guangzhou/All That Records) 3He – Microexplosion (Chengdu/Ran Music) Higher Brothers – Flexing So Hard (Chengdu/88risingx12Tone Music) Zaliva- D – Gone With The Pest (Beijing/Knekelhuis) Bohan Phoenix – YMF (New York/Self-Released) Laughing Ears – Same Water, Different Dream (Shanghai/Ran Music) 阿克江Akin,Cee – […]