LBM Mixtape No. 234

Fazi 法兹 x Hiperson 海朋森 – 夜行 (Xi’an x Chengdu/Self-REleased) Foster Parents – A Voice From The Gallery (Shanghai/Qiii Snacks Records) The Beauty – 慢慢 (Beijing/Self-Released) The Perfect Holiday 完美假日乐队 – Bad to the Bone 无可救药 (Xi’an/Self-Released) Code-A – ID (Chengdu/Kanjian) Future Orients 飛去來 – Dream Like A Buffalo 沉默入梦 (Beijing/Maybe Mars) Wonder […]


Upcoming: JaJaTao, Floating in the Mist, The Beauty (DDC 2019.11.09)

本次 Live Beijing Music 打算以一组火热纷呈的演出阵容提前为大家启动中央空调热身,让大家能在舞池中摇曳扭动、放松身心。这将是一个曲风迥异的夜晚,你会体验到对未知的新奇探索、迷乱之中的小趣味和摇滚新姿态。 Live Beijing Music is looking to turn on central heating early this season with a scorcher of a lineup featuring a trio of acts that’ll have you swaying and shaking […]