Mixtape No. 246

Fake Gentle 假斯文 《日安》 (Chengdu/Cao Tai Music) WaChi 蛙池 《孔雀》 (Dongguan/Self-Released) happy little cat 《Never Mind Still Love u》 (Guangzhou x HK/Self-Released) Kirin Trio 麒麟三重奏 《念旧》 (Xiamen/SJ Records) West By West 西偏西 《Desparate Invitation 欢迎光临》 […]


MV Weekly: Stolen, CMCB

Stolen 秘密行动 – Enter The Gap  Chengdu renegades Stolen whose atmospheric, kinetic darkwave, almost gothic, take on post-punk has made them one of the scene’s most unique bands returns with the visually ambitious music video for their […]