Interview: Kṣitigarbha

When I first caught Kṣitigarbha 地藏 at ALL club earlier this summer I was immediately smitten by their bewitching blend of prog rock theatrics, psychedelic wonder, and rock and roll zest. The Shanghai-based genre-defying troupe make music that’s […]


Mixtape No.262

WuTiaoRen五条人 – Drunk Dog 食醉狗 (Guangzhou/ModernSky)Solid Liqui 固体李逵 – Little Thing (Shanghai/Self-Released)Sleeping Dogs – The Sun Palace (feat. Zhou Zizhi) (Beijing/Spacefruity Records)Whale Circus 鲸鱼马戏团 – No Reason Not To Destroy 失控的文明 (Beijing/倍司诺音)6501 – 切尔诺贝利的狼群 (Various/Badhead)Kṣitigarbha […]


Upcoming: LiveChinaMusic presents Summer Dissolve (2020.08.28)

夏天就要过去,是时候分享当季的收获了。LCM和YYT携时令最热乐队以及神秘嘉宾,用摇滚乐迎接秋天的到来。LCM将呈现“夏日消散”,这也是LCM脱茧北京潜入上海的首秀。闹海,曾以他们另类又锋利的独立摇滚进入视野,又在后朋的躁动和后摇的沉静中燃起新的专辑。地藏,在神话与超验的主题中融合了迷幻、前卫、世界音乐以及新民谣,带来极具观赏性的现场。云镜,来自厦门的噪音摇滚新声,用他们生猛的爆发力冲出校园登上更大的舞台。还有神秘嘉宾,我们暂且保持他们的神秘。 Summer is just about over and it’s time to bring in this year’s fresh harvest – and Live China Music and Yuyintang have prepared some of this year’s hottest new acts, as well as […]