OTS: Wang Shengnan (21.03.2015)


Last week we looked at the opening event of this year\’s JUE Festival and now we\’ll have a look at the closing event, once again held at Yugong Yishan. There was a bunch of stuff stacked in between, mainly shows at Dada that were dope in every which way, but this was the only other time the camera came along for the ride. And while the indie pop scene doesn\’t get much love around these parts, I\’m finding myself more and more drawn to the diamonds in the rough – the artists who are pushing the genre forward, flipping it upside down, and examining it in different ways. That\’s where Wang Shengnan comes in. The Beijing-raised singer-songwriter has been chipping away at the scene since she gained recognition for her role a musical directed by New Pants\’ lead guitarist Peng Lei. And from the sound of it, it looks him we\’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the near future.

Indie pop with catchy melodies, a voice that\’s robust, and genuine emotion on display. Count me in. Check out below for more videos and pics.




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