OTS: Thug Mills (AUS), Lonely Leary (School 21.09.2016)


No one provides cathartic release quite like Rhys, the scrappy one man wrecking ball whose former Shanghai band Pairs as well as his cumulative support of the music scene in Shanghai and beyond, left a void that has yet to be filled. Candid, aware, crass, and all too honest, Rhys demeanor is the perfect fit for a good ol bit of noise rock and his latest ragtag group, straight outta Melbourne, Thug Mills, proved to be just the fix last month at School Bar. The show, which was to promote the latest Nasty Wizard Recordings release, a split between Thug Mills and Wuhan emo rock hopefuls Chinese Football, was a blast of unhinged anxiety and discontent, equal parts vulnerable and aggressive, and I don’t imagine I’ll be forgetting a line like ‘promise me the grass will grow around my grave’ anytime soon (could actually be \’won\’t grow\’ on hundredth listen).

Miss ya already Thug Mills! Opening duties were handled by the spot on Lonely Leary, the stone faced post punk outfit that offers plenty of foot tapping singles and a gleeful sense of rhythm and mischief in their set. More pictures below.





















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