OTS: THEESATISFACTION, We Are Wolves (DDC 16.09.2014)


I’ve known Manchester Mike for a good four plus years now. Back in my early days, he and his brother were my select comrades for checking out music. And while their methods weren’t always in line – heckling Yantiao at one of their D-22 gigs, toying with Residence A’s soundboard at Mao Livehouse, and stealing the mic from Reflector frontman Li Peng at a packed Strawberry Festival and rambling in front of thousands – there is no denying the love behind his antics. A liability, an entity, a wrecking ball, a clown, and a class act – without further a due – this is what happens when you allow Manchester Mike to interview.


I almost want to ask him to do it again. Enjoy the rest of the videos from Split Works’ first outing of the fall season – the double whammy of soul trio THEESATISFACTION, out of Seattle, and dance punk trio We Are Wolves, out of Montreal – neither of whom I had heard prior, but nevertheless absolutely killed it at DDC.


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