Gig Recap: The White Papers, Little Wang, Royal as Purple (Temple 23.02.2017)

Must admit – I’m been a bit burnt out on gigging as of late. Too much of the same. Not to say I haven’t been to any good gigs this year just that it’s time to seek out new blood. And there isn’t a better place for that than Temple Bar on a weekday. The venue’s constant customer base of debauchery gives up and coming bands the chance to win over peeps of all shapes and sizes – from regular barflies judging from afar to excitable and bubbly youthful out for a night of fun. Surprises they will be. While the post-punk new wave-esque band, The White Papers have been receiving good word of mouth since late last year, this was my first opportunity to check them out. Tight and energetic the band doesn’t shy away from going big, even if it doesn\’t always connect.

They’re at their best when they’re getting scrappy and hasty (instead of allowing the backing track lead the way) and I would imagine will be a band we’ll be hearing a lot from this year. Also on the bill were Royal as Purple, the alt rock group that revives the earnest indie pop sounds of those Pacific Northwest as well as the debut of Little Wang, the female-heavy playful punk rock outfit which features some familiar faces of the scene including LBM’s our partner in crime Anlin (another reminder to check out our interview with SUBS). A taste for the new – something we’ll certainly be chasing more this year.

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