OTS: The Diders, Discord (17.01.2014)


School’s Riot series returned with much appropriate gruff and rough that left the Wudaoying joint a smoky den of aggression, brotherly love, and scrappy hijinkery. Really, this is School’s bread and butter and I welcomed in with open arms whilst catching livewire sets from Discord and The Diders, who I’m happy to report are still one of the best live acts in town.

Glad I didn’t have to swallow my words from earlier this month. Enjoy more musical mayhem below.

Punk is all about keeping the ball rolling – raging through song after song of pent up rage and comradely. If you miss a beat or take a rest to catch your breath, you’ve lost the momentum and essentially the battle already. And while Discord has in the past dropped the ball in that regard, tonight they were firing on all cylinders.

Fucking glorious – this is punk alive and strong folks in Beijing – not an ounce of fat of these cats.

Screw firing on all cylinders, The Diders have pretty much jumped the rails at this point and have manifested their own path of destruction and, boy, is it a wonder to behold.

Cheshire Cat mischief and hooliganism to the nth degree, the Diders remain one of the most wildly entertaining bands out there who know how to put on a showcase. They even manage to botch ‘What Love Is’ and make it look rad.

There’s spunk and then there’s piss in the face of all adversary boldness – guess which one they hold. Firecrackers, these kids.


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