OTS: Taxeee Tapes Vol. 3 Release Party


Sooo remember how I mentioned earlier this week that it was high time to start actively covering the underground electronic scene that’s engulfing this town in a state of musical frenzy? Well, last weekend I attempted to do just that and wouldn’t you guess it, failed miserably. Dada is a black hole of debauchery and these 87fei87 kids were the peddlers – I didn’t stand a chance. So yeah, I caught a bit of the Taxeee Tapes Vol. 3 release, but when it takes you ten minutes to realize that the dude wearing a red wig is in fact a dude, I think you waver away all of your credentials.

I found these videos the next day. Looks like a pretty good time. This is why you don’t drink baijiu with your friends’ landlord before. Check out another camera barf below and get your dirty little paws on the Taxee Tapes Vol. 3 compilation – it’s pretty rad.

Electronic scene: 1 Live Beijing Music: 0.

Till next time. 

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