OTS: Stolen, Snapline (XP 08.11.2014)


In between celebrating one of my best bud\’s birthday, I managed to swing by XP earlier last month to get a first hand account of the hype surrounding Chengdu indie electro rockers Stolen. While my expectations were way perhaps a bit too high, the fact remains that Stolen are a band to keep your eyes on in the near future. This is a band that knows what it wants out of their sound and deliver it two-fold. It\’s vast, layered, topical, and utterly convincing in its approach. Further proof that the next big thing isn\’t gonna emerge out of Beijing, but instead from one of the many second or third-tier cities that are slowly catching up to Beijing and to a much lesser extent, Shanghai. And that my friends, is very very exciting.

Check out more videos below including yet another schizoid performance from post punk space cadets Snapline, who have managed to break my filming partner-in-crime\’s brain in terms of whether or not what he just saw was a valid act. Gotta love it.






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