OTS: Steely Heart, Me Guan Me, Da Bang (Mao Livehouse 30.10.2015)


Rock and roll transmitters and management team D.O.G. – one of the scene’s most robust (and surly) teams spreading the love – took the big stage at the end of October for a hefty helping of music – featuring every inbreed of rock’s lineage. As per usual at Mao Livehouse (still going strong!) it was a rambunctious event full of young hips folks shaking loose and bands that have been riding on the cusp of breakout success for the past half-decade. I was able to sneak a peek at dance punk stalwarts Steely Heart, whose energy and coarse, bubbly punk anthems ignited the crowd, as well as the newly revamped Me Guan Me, who are continuing to dig deeper into atmospheric indie rock territory, and finally the female-led electro rock outfit Da Bang, who despite the dwindling crowd, gave a fierce performance.

Still though, it was Steely Heart, whose simple (even derivative), genuine, and full-bodied performance that stuck with me the most. Class act though and though. A band that I’m constantly surprised by. Check out below for more pictures and videos of the bands.















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