OTS: Seippelabel x LiveBeijingMusic (Old What? Bar 21.05.2016)


Nothing better than getting a good crowd of folks at the Old What? Bar for some Saturday night noodling. To say I was surprised when around fifty people showed up at the Forbidden City dive bar is an understatement. Almost surreal. Good on you Beijing! For the event, co-organized by emerging cross-national label Seippelabel, audiences were treated to the lush spacious beats and angst ridden indietronica of Nocturnes, to the blissful post rock soundscaping of SNSOS (by far the standout of the night), to electronic wizard Mengqi getting bassy for the first time, and thruoutin keeping the sense ignited.

Intoxicating sounds indeed. Can’t thank all you beautiful folks out there enough for checking out the event. Old What?! forever!! Check out more pictures below.





























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