OTS: Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 2 (School 03.09.2016)


At the beginning of the month Live Beijing Music rolled out the second installment of the Schoolhouse Rock series at Beijing’s hub of rock and roll – School Bar. As always with shows like these, I was a nervous wreck, anticipating the worst possible outcome all the while trying to maintain some vague semblance of control. Luckily for me though, there was music to be had and those moments were I could just zone out and sit awestruck at the performances on stage – well, they’re pure bliss. Case in point:

Yeah – it became pretty clear to me early on in december3am’s set that these two are operating on a higher stratosphere than most musicians. It’s dark, hauntingly beautiful, unpredictable, and striking stuff and me thinks this is only just the beginning of what the band has to offer. Again, moments like this make putting together these events so special. Seeing veterans like WHAI, who came in as a last minute replacement, give a roaring inspired set despite the dwindling crowd at that point, showing a band that’s in it for the love of it. Or watching the young angsty indie pop of Future Orients, who despite trading in some of their grit for soft-spoken lullabies, are a band in complete control of their sound. Or the complete ‘what the fuck is going on’ sound and tomfoolery of Not In Catalog, a improv outfit that teases, baffles, and kept eyebrows raised and ears on their toes, for better or worst, depending on who you ask. Kudos to everyone for making it out there and experiencing what Beijing has to offer. Now let’s find that next high. More pictures below.





































Photo credit on some pictures to Ross Burligame 

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